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Annette Lackovic Travels from Perth, WA

Annette Lackovic


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  • N L P
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Performance
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Dubbed by Commonwealth Bank as Australia’s Leading Female Sales Expert, Annette is a 19 year conference speaking veteran, she is a thought leader not just on sales but her deeper passion, the link between positive psychology and human performance.

Annette’s action-packed presentations are shaped on the latest psychology and neuroscience that creates instant and continued high-performance well after the dust has settled from her presentations.

As the founder of Sales International, Annette is a masterful educator in sales strategies, the author and creator of the highly successful online digital programs 'The Reverse Selling System’ and ’6-Figure Webinars Sales System’.

Annette is renowned for helping corporations systemise success and multiply profits. As well as helping entrepreneurs build 7-figure businesses through her high-level mastermind and when it comes to touring as a speaker for Australia’s largest convention of entrepreneurs since 2014 - 2020 The Unconvention.

Annette developed the first online Sales University for the fitness industry called S-Uni. Which has now been implemented into private and franchised health clubs across Australia, New Zealand and USA.

Annette’s explosive energy is engaging, memorable, connecting, friendly and refreshingly funny. Her witty personality with real life examples makes her extremely likeable by the audience and has it easy for them to consume her Enter-training education.

Known to many as the 'Conference Rapping Queen' AKA her rap name Netty’D, can be requested as part of the keynote to help ignite the room with an uplifting, memorable cool stage presence that captivates the audience the moment she steps on the stage.

Annette has delighted hundreds of clients including ghd, Fernwood, LexisNexus, Fitness Australia, AMF Bowling and Bras N' Things to name a few.

Annette's expertise has been sought after by retailers, health & fitness, beauty, financial services, and even lawyers.

With a diverse sphere of being a sales strategist, consultant, entrepreneur, Masters in NLP and Subconscious Reprogrammer sheds a new light making Annette more than just a speaker.

Keynote Titles

  • How to Get Your Customers To Buy So You Don’t Have To Sell Anymore
  • Take It To The Top
  • People love to BUY!
  • Play Big ‘Because it’s harder to play small’


Annette had great information, was very lively and extremely funny. Her upbeat personality really started our conference with a strong start.

Contours Womans' Health Clubs

Annette is very thorough! I learnt more awareness of behaviours and restyled price presentation.

City Gym


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