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Michelle Trute Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Michelle Trute


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Michelle’s branding is deliberate, it is simply; everyday food, cooked with knowledge of health choices presented by an ‘everyday women - your neighbour and friend’.

Michelle is currently the CEO of Diabetes Australia – Queensland and has been leading the organisation now for 2 years. Previously she was the Director of her own international company ‘Cooking with Conscience’ where she employed 60 staff across all aspects of health and nutrition.

Speaking internationally on Glycaemic Indexing, she educated both health professionals, consumers and community. Taking the science to a platform that everyday people could understand in a practical and tangible way. During this time she was contracted to Channel Nine for weekly presentations on the hot topics of health, as well as her own program on ABC radio and her weekly columns in Saturday's Courier Mail.

Michelle soon had a couple of bestsellers on the shelves, and after 250,000 copies of each and becoming a Finalist of the Telstra Business Women Awards, she took on a more strategic role in the business and left the day to day running to capable staff. Semi – retirement wasn’t for long when she was approached to take up the role at Diabetes Australia – Queensland where she led the organisation to win the Australian Institute of Management Award for ‘Management Excellence’ in the not for profit sector 2009.

Michelle has successfully entertained people from all walks of life, across the globe, at annual conferences and events with her special brand of humour and engaging stories from the health arena and the business stage. A dynamic presenter that is comfortable in the audience of world leaders and the local CWA. Sharing her knowledge as a graduate of the real world of tough business and enterprise is just another string to her bow.

Michelle's personal mission is to share the message of nutrition and simple cooking to as many people as she can, and is encompassed in her mantra... "Many see fame and fortune as the passport to success, the truth is, fame and fortune is only your visa allowing you to visit occasionally - your passport is your health!"

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