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Rhonda Parker Travels from Perth, WA

Rhonda Parker


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Rhonda Parker has a background in education, government, and management and was the Chief Executive of the Positive Ageing Foundation (PAF) in Perth and former Aged Care Commissioner from 2007 – 2010. She is currently CEO of the Australian Employment Covenant.

PAF is a self-funding, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the research and promotion of successful ageing. PAF works across the business, government and community sectors. PAF is recognised globally for its successes in promoting awareness of the ageing of the population and supporting initiatives that respond to this trend. Key Messages - The ageing of the global population is an unprecedented certainty that will change society. It is happening rapidly and on a large scale and will impact both businesses and individuals alike.

Rhonda speaks on a wide range of issues that the ageing of the population presents, to help educate and dispel the myths of ageing and recognise the opportunities it presents. Topics include age-friendly businesses and communities, the economic importance and the experiences of mature consumers, labour supply and corporate culture issues in an ageing population, and successful ageing for individuals.

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