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Anjani Amriit Travels from Sydney, NSW

Anjani Amriit


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Anjani Amriit is a corporate lawyer turned best-selling author, speaker, leadership mentor, and leading authority on conscious citizenship, Anjani Amriit went from burnout to bliss.

Born and bred in Yorkshire, England, and raised in a working-class immigrant family, Anjani drove herself to overcome stereotyping to achieve success. After dedicating 16+ years to the cause in top law firms in the UK and Australia, and with no personal strategies to manage the high-pressure environment, she burned out. When Western medicine offered no solutions, and in desperation, she retreated to India on her own ‘eat-pray-love’ journey to search for answers. This led her to train with Eastern masters and Indigenous elders for over 12 years. What she discovered not only helped her recover her mental and physical health, but set off a chain reaction of greater self-realisation and clarity of purpose from which she never looked back.

From her newfound revelations, Anjani resurrected the ruins of her career based on Eastern holistic practices. She retrained as a holistic psychologist, Ayurvedic holistic wellness expert, meditation and mindset coach, yoga teacher, and natural healer.

A results-driven speaker, author, trainer, and mentor, Anjani is known fondly as ‘The Secret Weapon’.  She is passionate about inspiring high performers to take time out from their busy lives to prioritise self-growth so that they can become resilient, positive driving forces in the world. Over the last decade, Anjani has worked with influential founders, leaders, politicians, ministers, judges, barristers, lawyers and teams across the globe including the likes of Apple, Adobe, Baker McKenzie, and VISA.

“We all get bogged down in work and outside responsibilities, but it’s only when we invest time to develop ourselves can we think outside the box, gain fresh perspectives, do things differently and get connected to what really matters.”

Anjani fuses Eastern holistic wisdom with her corporate savvy to share practical wisdom in the art of 'conscious leadership, to build resilient and socially conscious leaders and teams. She mobilises leaders to transform their mindsets, evolve their perspectives, and inspire them to greatness. Her spirited energetic style generates powerful revelations from her audiences, uplifting and transforming the way they approach work and life. She is highly sought after for her engaging, enlightening, and practical insights and is an outside the box character who leaves a lasting impression.

Anjani Amriit is regularly featured in the media on TV, radio, and in print. She has shared a stage with the likes of Ronni Kahn, Liz Courtney, and Alison Daddo, been interviewed on Ticker News, 6 News, ABC Radio, Fox, CBS, NBC, and MSP News Global in the USA and has featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, Inside Small Business, Law Society Journal, and Companies Digest in Australia and the UK.

She lives in Sydney and is an avid poet, songwriter, and adventurer.


Anjani was fantastic! Her passion, energy, and commitment to helping others make a difference in their world and the world at large is truly touching. It was a heart-opening experience. Anjani’s professional and engaging style and techniques are an absolute secret weapon to be carried at all times. We can't thank you enough.


Thank you, Anjani for your incredible spark, enthusiasm, and insights this weekend. You enlightened us with your unique ideas and perspectives. You are a powerful engaging speaker that left a lasting impression on all of our team. We can’t wait to have you back next year!

Baker McKenzie


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