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Sarah Grynberg Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Sarah Grynberg


  • Female Speaker
  • Master Of Ceremonies
  • Motivational
  • Wellbeing

Sarah Grynberg specialises in teaching people of all ages how to adopt the habits and strategies of life’s greatest leaders to help them live their most inspired life.

Sarah is the host and producer of one of Australia’s most top-rated wellness podcasts, A Life of Greatness. It is here that she’s interviewed some of the world’s biggest celebrities, including Matthew McConaughey, Olivia Newton-John, Jay Shetty, Daniel Ricciardo, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Robin Sharma, Mark Manson as well as many others.

She is also the host of the Treasurer of Australia’s podcast: The Josh Frydenberg Podcast with Sarah Grynberg. Here Sarah champions the vital conversation and change to improve Australia’s future.

Through her experience over decades of working with some of the world’s biggest names, and her own ongoing research studying life’s greats, Sarah has formulated her own blueprint to achieving greatness. Through these practices and techniques, Sarah's ultimate goal is to impart this wisdom and knowledge via her talks to anyone who needs it, so they too can lead their own life of greatness.

As a veteran of the Australian media industry, Sarah has learned not only how to listen to others but how to interview, and she uses this ability to have conversations that connect deeply with her audience on an emotional level, both moving them and inspiring them. Sarah was the executive producer of the no.1 rated Hamish & Andy podcast for four years.

Engaging and friendly, Sarah easily builds rapport with audience members which is what makes her a powerful speaker, interviewer, and MC. In her speaking engagements, Sarah draws on her own personal experience of transformation and the tools she’s adopted to create her own successes and realise her dreams. Countless podcast listeners and e-book readers have said it's these very strategies that have helped change their lives.

Keynote Titles

  • How to Live a Life of Greatness
  • Stop Caring About What Others Think of You and Fulfil your True Potential


Sarah was our special guest speaker for The Jam Projects' annual event - JamFest 2020. Despite having our event on zoom Sarah was incredible, insightful, and captivated our audience. Sarah spoke to a varied audience of teens, young professionals, parents, and grandparents on The Challenges of Happiness: Why Do We Care What Other People Think? Sarah was enlightening and the perfect speaker for our event. She left the audience with a toolbox full of strategies and new ways to stay self-motivated and full of self-belief.

Jam Project

Sarah was a vibrant MC and panel facilitator at our recent EO event. Our members were thoroughly engaged by her wit and warm address. Her insights on the panel about business were enlightening and gave our guests plenty of parting advice and simple tips to use in their daily life.

Entrepreneurs Organisation

It was a pleasure and honor to be on Sarah Grynberg’s podcast. You will never encounter a more intelligent, open-hearted, and able interviewer. I’m so glad she is sharing her voice with the world.

New York Times Best Selling Author Martha Beck

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