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Cathy Dimarchos Travels from Sydney, NSW

Cathy Dimarchos


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Cathy Dimarchos is someone who was more comfortable behind the scenes supporting others to step up and shine, she recognised how remiss she was in not showing them how by doing it herself. Life biggest lessons occur when we step up and step forward showing others how. Cathy’s purpose is to deliver impact that leads others to success.

As a professional advisor and motivational voice, Cathy dedicates her time to sharing lived experiences and knowledge that combines people, business, and situational skills to deliver tangible tools and skills to clients and business across the globe. Her values take centre stage and business becomes honest and expressive.

Success to Cathy is about “the success that others around me achieve as that is who I am there to serve.”

With more than three decades of experience in finance, business and a counselling degree, Cathy supports people to realise their unspoke ambition and to step outside their comfort zone that would normally hold them back. Through empathy and strategic positioning, she empowers people to establish healthy professional boundaries, to think limitlessly and to challenge norms, whilst rediscovering a curiosity of knowledge and themselves.

Cathy wrote her book “Same people, Different Vision” and began the biggest journey in developing a program “Raise the Baseline” during one of the most unpresented times, not only was it during the pandemic, but it was also at a time of loss, sadly her father passed away and almost lost her mother through her own trauma.

She is otherwise known and an indefatigable philanthropist who will raise the baseline of where people begin life across the world. Starting in Tanzania, Cathy’s journey began from 2014 where she spent time living with the Masaai where she was challenged, but also recognise that is has proven to be one the most rewarding parts of her life. It showed her that “When we rise, it is important to also lift those around us”.

Changing the world is about taking that one step, one person at a time, and in showing others how they too can-do things their way.  Through extending the olive branch and being prepared to collaborate, and include others, we create a ripple effect, and this creates greater impact.

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