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Women in Business Speakers

Successful Business Women
A welcomed addition to your conference or in-house training program

Women who specialise in business and business strategy represent a great topic to include in your next conference or training event.  

Never before have there been so many women - winning in business.  These women will leave your audience highly motivated, their powerful messages and strategies can also be life changing.  

You can create a positive change in attitude and behaviour, with these inspirational women.   

Global Success Stories - Women in Business

Many courageous women across various industry sectors have experienced success on a national and international level. 

Successful women in leadership roles such as CEO, are a becoming a popular addition to conferences and training programs.  

Key Business Strategies for Successful Women in Business

Gain a new perspective and insight with these amazing business women, women who have been there and done it.  Audiences will learn a great deal from their stories, successes and life lessons.  

These women are inspiring, their knowledge and experience is priceless.

Gender Equality in your conference program

The gender balance, in the conference, event or in-house training program, is also appreciated by many audiences. Great Expectation has an inspirational selection of professional women speakers and women in business and leadership. 

Not all our speakers are listed on the website, if you are looking for a particular speaker for a keynote presentation topic for your conference and corporate training program, contact us for more information.   


Jan Becker

Travels From Sunshine Coast, QLD

Captain Jan Becker is living proof that you can fly high in business and life while still staying grounded to family values and making the world...

Rachael Bermingham

Travels From Sunshine Coast, QLD

Rachael Bermingham is currently one the highest selling self-published female authors in Australia. Collectively she has sold over 6...

Michelle Bridges

Travels From Sydney, NSW

  In today’s weight conscious society where childhood obesity, meal replacements and lap band surgery dominate the social conversation,...

Sue Currie

Travels From Gold Coast, QLD

Sue Currie is a speaker, author and consultant recognised as an authority on personal branding to boost image, profile, brand and business.Sue...

Shivani Gupta

Travels From Brisbane, QLD

Shivani works with SME's to help them grow.  She is an entrepreneur and has owned several businesses, scaled them from $0 to $5M and exited...

Rhonda Parker

Travels From Perth, WA

Rhonda Parker has a background in education, government, and management and was the Chief Executive of the Positive Ageing Foundation (PAF) in...

Judy Reynolds

Travels From Sunshine Coast, QLD

Purpose | Passion | Participation Judy Reynolds is a highly sought-after speaker with over 25 years' experience as a highly regarded consultant...

Lisa Teh

Travels From Melbourne, VIC

Lisa Teh is unhealthily obsessed with all things digital.  After starting her career as a tax lawyer at some of the world's biggest companies,...

Michelle Trute

Travels From Brisbane, QLD

Michelle’s branding is deliberate, it is simply; everyday food, cooked with knowledge of health choices presented by an ‘everyday...

Lisa Wilkinson

Travels From Sydney, NSW

Co-host of The Project and Executive Editor of Ten Daily, Lisa is one of Australia's most respected media identities. An early ground-breaking...

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