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Todd Sampson Travels from Sydney, NSW

Todd Sampson


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Todd’s eclectic life began on Cape Breton Island, off Canada’s east coast, where he grew up in modest circumstances. He entered university on full scholarship and went on to complete an MBA by age 24.

Previously the national chief executive of leading communication company Leo Burnett, and now the non-executive chairman, Todd is the co-creator of the Earth Hour initiative - the largest environmental movement in history, reaching more than 1.4 billion people, in over 5500 cities. The Gunn Report listed his company as the 7th most creative company in the world.

The Financial Review and News Limited ranked him as one of the most influential executives in Australia. He won CEO of the Year twice and sits on the Board of Directors of both Fairfax Media and Qantas.

Todd is also the breakout star and co-host of the hit ABC show The Gruen Transfer. This unique show is one of the most watched programs on Australian TV - winning multiple international awards including the prestigious Rose d’Or Award for entertainment. He is also a regular host on the Channel 10 news show The Project and has featured around the world on CNBC, Sky News and CNN.

Todd recently handed his brain over to science to become Host and ‘human guinea pig’ in a ground breaking science documentary series called Redesign (Hack) My Brain and more recently, Body Hack. Redesign My Brain was one of the most watched Australian science documentaries of all time and won Documentary of the Year. It is now being shown around the world on the Discovery Channel. 

Todd is one of Australia’s freshest and most interesting TV personalities with the ability to combine intelligent insight with humility. One reviewer colourfully captured his unique ‘adventure-science’ style; “If Bear Grylls had a love child with Brian Cox, it would be Todd Sampson”.

He has also climbed to the top of Mount Everest, unguided.



Todd Sampson is the writer, host and human guinea pig of the award-winning Discovery Science Series called REDESIGN MY BRAIN.  The premise of the series was simple.  For over 70 years, science has told us that our brains are fixed.  You are born with the brain you have, it develops rapidly until age 7 and then it starts a steady decline from age 30 until you die.  There was nothing you could do about it.  But science has now proven that to be false.  In fact, modern science has now shown that our brain is plastic and that we all have the ability to improve it at any age, and at any time.  This presentation will show you how to boost your Creativity and Brain Power.

Todd will not only take you behind the scenes of this extraordinary scientific journey, he will also provide you with the practical tools, strategies and techniques to improve your brain.  We are all capable of more than we realise and modern science is showing us how.

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The feedback from our customers, partners and employees has been fantastic - you scored 4.65 out of 5 in the evaluations. This is a great score and one of our highest in the last few years for our guest keynote speaker. The verbal feedback we received was also incredible - words to describe the experience: passionate, engaging, energetic, emotional, fresh, current and inspirational.


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