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Karen Matthews Travels from Sydney, NSW


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Karen Matthews has over 25 years' experience in national and international retailing, franchising and brand management. She’s an innovative leader who operates by an intuitive style of “inside out” leadership.  Karen talks about leadership, strategic planning, managing change and marketing. 

The former CEO of Ella Baché, in Karen was recognised as the PWC National Franchise Woman of the Year and in 2004 Karen was awarded the Telstra NSW Business Woman of the Year. In 2005 she was awarded the PWC NSW Franchise Woman of the Year in recognition of her professional achievements, personal and community achievements, future objectives and leadership. 

Karen Matthews launched Australia's first skincare model with Ella Baché where she spent 10 years as CEO. During her time at Ella Baché created an impressive list of achievements; delivering brand recognition, financial health, market penetration, values based leadership, a flexible yet focused strategic plan and a company and culture, considered by many to be "best practice".

Prior to her Ella Baché career, Karen held a GM position with FJ Benjamin Fashions where she "cut her teeth" in licensing, product development and family business. Karen previously held a number of buying and marketing roles within the Myer Grace Bros group - her introduction to retailing.

Karen then went on to head an Australian beauty and health company.  It is a company that is grouping together the best small-medium beauty and health brands in Australia.

Karen is recognised in the business community as an innovative leader with strong operational and strategic knowledge and operates from her own unique style of leadership.

A high energy leader, she walks the talk, and fights to the death for what she believes in.  Her personal mantra to "inspire people to be the best that they can be". 

Keynote Titles

  • Putting Organisational Values Into Practice
  • Giving Back To Employees
  • Change Leadership
  • Franchise Systems (The Ready Made Model And The Brand New Model)
  • PR From The Boardroom
  • Establishing A Brand
  • Brand Personality


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