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Social Media Speakers

Great Expectation Speakers and Trainers have a fantastic selection of professional social media presenters, for keynote presentations and conferences.  

If you wish to a social media presenters, for your conference or event, Great Expectation has a selection of professionals for your consideration.  

Only a selection of presenters are listed on our website.  Keynote speakers who specialise in the social media sector and regularly presenter the latest news an social media information are easy to find, but how do you know which one is best for your event?

With Great Expectation's unbiased knowedge and experience, you can rest assured of your choice, because we are hear to assist you in making the ideal choice.    

Contact Great Expectation Speakers and Trainers - engage a social media specialist, or Keynote Speaker for your social media conference, seminar or corporate event.  


Stu Atkins

Travels From Melbourne, VIC

  Having presented to well over 35,000 professionals across Australia, NZ, China & the USA, Stu Atkins is one of the countries most...

John Bellamy

Travels From Brisbane, NSW

John Bellamy is the LinkedIn marketing and networking expert for information marketers, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals wanting to develop...

Nathanial Bibby

Travels From Melbourne, VIC

Looking for a LinkedIn Speaker who is focused on business outcomes and strategy? In the ever-changing world of Social Media, it is rare...

Chris Bjorklund

Travels From Perth, WA

Chris Bjorklund is a leading Web Marketing Strategist with over 12 years of global web marketing experience for international firms including...

Jordana Borensztajn

Travels From Melbourne, VIC

Jordana Borensztajn is a world-leading public speaking trainer, having personally coached multi-millionaires, celebrities and sports stars. She...

Nick Bowditch

Travels From Sydney, NSW

Nick Bowditch is a successful (and unsuccessful) entrepreneur, storyteller, marketer, best-selling author, addict, mental health advocate, sexual...

Thomas Cochran

Travels From Washington, Dc, USA

Thomas Cochran is currently the chief digital strategist and vice president for a leading provider of cloud-based, digital experience management...

Brent Coker

Travels From Melbourne, VIC

Dr Coker is a world-renowned internet consumer psychologist, who specialises in viral marketing. A highly sought after public speaker, Dr Coker...

Adam Franklin

Travels From Brisbane, NSW

Co-founder and CEO of Bluewire Media, and co-author of the best-seller Web Marketing That Works. Adam Franklin is the bestselling author of...

Brad Hauck

Travels From Gold Coast, QLD

Brad Hauck has compressed over 27 years of computer knowledge, selling online, Google search engine optimisation & Internet marketing into...

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