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Stu Atkins Travels from Melbourne, VIC


  • Branding
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Disruption
  • E Business
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Recruitment/employment
  • Sales
  • Social Media
  • Technology

Stu Atkins is a leading keynote presenter on tech innovation, trends, disruption and social media, and has presented to thousands of professionals throughout Australia and internationally.

Currently Stu is the co-founder of a social media end to end business supporting the small to medium sector to drive social engagement.  Previously he has held Sales and Marketing management positions within realestate.com.au, News Digital Media, News Ltd and has founded a successful online retail business and e–recruitment firm.

Stu is passionate about innovation and using new age tools to make our working lives easier. Disruption is simple to define, but Stu is expert about highlighting the actions needed to hold the game – changers at bay. Social media is a maze which is easy to navigate once you understand the back end and Stu knows this better than anyone.  To grasp your industry trends and future proof your organisation is vital, and Stu is perfectly positioned to deliver the content and context to ensure your people are completely informed and prepared.

Engaging, provocative and entertaining – Stu is guaranteed to challenge your audience, empower them and make them smile.

Stu's topics include:

Disruption: Using specific and tailored content to your industry, the audience will be empowered by strategies to compete with the disruptors and traditional competitors to stay ahead of the curve.

Tech Innovation: understanding the future means your audience is well armed to continually evolve to meet the ever changing needs of your customers.

Social & Professional networking: the platform and audience is ripe for the picking. Utilising various channels to maximise cut-through and develop new business / consumer relationships by becoming ‘more local than the locals’.

Digital Footprint: by focussing on your business and employee’s online presence and the ‘testimonial economy’, your broader audience will perceive your business as a provider of choice.

Sales Strategy: using a simple 9 step process, your sales outcomes will radically improve by analysing ratios, ‘story telling selling’, tailoring meetings to always have the end in mind and most importantly removing any reluctance or fear of the imperative process of developing new relationships.

Social Networking is the new ‘word of mouth’. Small to medium business often neglect the need to refine an online presence to help build new relationships and profitability.

In this half day session, the audience will be empowered with key take outs including:

Ask – Don’t Shout: using word of mouth to your advantage

Multi Loading platforms: Using one tool to speak to all platforms

Becoming more local than the locals: Finding your local voice to engage on a meaningful level

Targeted marketing for next to nothing: Targeting your business to the most relevant audience for minimal cost

How to win business from the web: 5 tools to generate additional income from the online channel

Keynote Titles

  • Small Business Sales Keynote
  • Innovation | To lead or to follow. What's next in your industry?
  • Disrupt the Disruptors | Key actions to protect you from disruptive threats
  • Social Media | Standout, Sell and Secure new customers tomorrow


Informative, engaging and at times somewhat confronting! As one of our keynote speakers at the Eview Group PB2016 National Conference, Stuart delivered an energy packed presentation filled with quality information and humour. Stuart’s likeable character and presenting style connected instantly with the audience; we have no hesitation in recommending Stuart for future industry events.

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