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Brad Hauck Travels from Gold Coast, QLD

Brad Hauck


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Brad Hauck has compressed over 27 years of computer knowledge, selling online, Google search engine optimisation & Internet marketing into one jargonless, easy to understand online success principle: Linktricity! The Power Behind Your Success Online.

He has been selling online since 1996, runs a series of successful websites and an SEO company that advises leading businesses on how to succeed online. Brad and his company have helped corporate companies to local SMEs improve their visibility in Google, develop their social media skills and increase their sales leads. Though his work, he has created millions of dollars in sales. In the past 5 years alone, Brad has brought over 50 million visitors to his, and his clients websites through free organic search rankings and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Brad focuses on developing and implementing online marketing systems that are proven to work for “real world” businesses, big or small. With a trade in Telecommunications and a Master’s Degree in Education, he combines his love of computers, teaching and selling online with his ability to make complex topics simple. Brad will change the way you approach social media marketing, SEO and online lead generation via the web.

If you have a website, ask yourself, “Is your website the laziest member of staff?” And if it is, Brad will help you fix that!

Keynote Titles

  • The Billion Dollar Blueprint - 7 Steps to Building Powerhouse Web Brands that Rank
  • Create a Social Media Explosion - Get Crowd Clever and Social Smart
  • Smash the Search Engines - Drive Your Web Rankings Sky High

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