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Adopt the techniques and processes used by Australia’s Fighter Pilots to perform at your peak.

Today's business environment is more complex, uncertain and rapidly changing than ever. To survive and thrive, companies are expecting their people to plan more confidently and adapt and deliver more quickly. Afterburner’s Flawless Execution (FLEX) methodology focuses on helping your people do just that, converting your strategy into action and accelerating performance at every level of your business. This is achieved through the FLEX cycle of PLAN, BRIEF, EXECUTE and DEBRIEF – which drives peak performance in complex environments.

Afterburner offers one of the most dynamic keynotes on the circuit today. They are high energy, contain a strong takeaway message and are customised to your business or organisation.

Keynotes are presented by professional fighter pilots and include multimedia graphics and rare aviation video footage! By the end of the presentation, your team will feel energised and motivated to excel in their environment!

Why Afterburner? Why now?

• Today’s complex environment requires a stress-tested approach to peak performance.

• Their methodology, FLEX, is a cycle of continuous improvement, more powerful than Six Sigma. It is simple, scalable and holistic.

• Afterburner will show you how to use FLEX to maximise performance in a rapidly changing and complex environment. FLEX can become your new “Strategy Framework”.

• Design your Future Picture.

• Develop a ‘Shock and Awe’ strategy by focusing on business leverage points.

• Achieve strategic and tactical alignment through the FLEX cycle of PLAN, BRIEF, EXECUTE and DEBRIEF.

• Overcome the performance draining issue of Task Saturation.

• Develop a culture of improvement through a “Lessons Learned” approach.

Christian “Boo” Boucousis was a fighter pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force for 10 years. He is now the CEO of an innovative property development group and is currently developing Australia’s tallest prefabricated hotel in the Perth CBD.

Boo’s life story is a real world example of how fighter pilots use the skills developed during their military careers to succeed in business. 

After being diagnosed with a serious medical condition, Boo could no longer fly fighter aircraft and decided to take the plunge into business. Using the skills and knowledge he acquired in the Air Force, Boo co-founded a successful humanitarian support company in the Middle East, employing over 1,500 staff. He then sold that business, moved back to Australia and set his focus on the development of affordable building methods. This focus was the beginning of his company.

Boo attributes his success in business to the values and discipline he learned during his Air Force career – focus, efficiency, continuous improvement and simplicity. And because of this experience, Boo fundamentally believes that the simple methodology used by fighter pilots (which Afterburner calls “Flawless Execution” or “FLEX” for short), can bring alignment to, and excel the performance of any business or organisation. 

Keynote Titles

  • Flawless Execution
  • Leading flawless execution from the top
  • How fighter pilots get things done in business
  • Team building Workshop | Afterburner Day
  • Team building Workshop | Leaning Forward


I would like to thank you and your team for your involvement in our National Sales Conference, in January, and the follow-up workshops recently run in each State. Your presentation of the Flawless Execution Model, at our National Sales Conference, drew widespread congratulations from our Sales Force and Sales Managers alike. The level of energy and motivation in the room after the presentation was incredible, and the impact of your presentation was enormous.


You energised the entire group from the outset and set the tone for the best franchisee Convention we have ever staged. At Subway we have held numerous conferences and seen many keynote presentations over the years, but yours was like nothing we have witnessed before. We are currently experiencing tremendous growth and change within our system and your Flawless Execution Model hit all the right notes. I can't recall a keynote presentation that has motivated and made such a positive impact with our franchisees. Needless to say, we can highly recommend Afterburners for a unique, high-impact experience that will leave a lasting impression on those lucky enough to see it.


Afterburner absolutely delivered beyond our best expectations. In summary Afterburner, provided Telstra with the Flawless Execution Program of Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief & Win in a challenging, spirited, structured & learning team environment. It was a perfect session for our sales team who come out motivated not just in the short-term, but on achieving long-term our objectives & budget. I can highly recommend Afterburners as a team of professional hands-on top gun trainers.



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