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Cooee Corporate Events Travels from Gold Coast, QLD

Cooee Corporate Events


  • Collaboration
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Energisers And Breakers
  • Performance
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Building

Have you ever wondered why some teams are highly successful, whereas others, with similar experience, skills and abilities, fail? Would you like to know the secrets and success factors of a GREAT Team? High-performance Teams start with an understanding of people motivators and drivers, so everyone can work together in alliance. Once everyone is working together to achieve a common goal, identifying gaps and fine-tuning your high performing team is easy. Cooee Programs can jump start your adventure.

Conferences can serve as a powerful catalyst to align leaders, develop solutions to problems, introduce new strategies and fuel collaboration across your organisation. Packages are dynamic and designed to make people feel valued through personal and professional reflections and development.

Your specific organisational agenda items are incorporated into the day and expertly facilitated by Cooee to elicit a more open and honest response from your people. Most of all participants will have fun, be engaged and take back to the workplace REAL actions.

The Cooee Corporate Team is driven by a passion to inspire individuals and empower teams to become great.  They do this by being connected, authentic, extraordinary, inspirational and most importantly incorporating fun in everything they do.

Operations Manager, Belinda Stuart, entices you into an excited frenzy of experiential learning activities with over 10 years of experience in client relationship and staff management. These experiences enable Belinda to understand and relate to your needs, delivering a quality solution that fits with your culture and objectives. Most importantly, Belinda will help you and your team jump through hoops, climb up and over mountains and cross bridges you never thought were possible!  


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