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Lincoln Amidy Travels from Newcastle, NSW


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Lincoln Amidy started a business 15 years ago helping teams to become more cohesive and functional. Through experiential team activities and dynamic workshop presentations, Lincoln delivers no fuss, no nonsense, realistic sessions at your workplace or conference venue. With an absolute ambition to influence, change, alter, educate and challenge corporate teams and groups as a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator or professional mentor, Lincoln will be assured to enlighten, challenge and provoke you and your team.

Lincoln is a passionate person who aims to make a difference in people’s lives through a no nonsense and fun approach to life. Lincoln’s passion for a healthy and balanced lifestyle enables him to now be an innovative and informative presenter and MC. 

It is Lincoln’s approach and presentation skills that make him unique. If you want an honest, entertaining and no-nonsense presenter and/or MC Lincoln is the key. As an MC at your event Lincoln will ensure that your agenda is full of fun, break activities and above all smooth running of the agenda. The day’s events will be a relief for the organiser and a delight for the delegates. His presentations are extremely motivational, encompassing, educational, fun and set in a very relaxed atmosphere. Lincoln will highlight the need for reality - that life is often a bumpy road, let's have fun and enjoy it.

Lincoln shares his WHY?

I have an absolute ambition to influence, change, alter, educate and challenge corporate teams/groups. I believe I am very astute and equipped to help groups to truly investigate WHY a group operates the way it does, who they are and how they function together as a team.

Working with a group and seeing the lights go on in their minds is the absolute reward for me. This is my WHY and the reason I continue to relish it. My WHY is also my arena of greatest achievement. I relish the opportunity to do this with as many teams as possible between now and my end of tenure on the planet. I believe I can make a significant difference to teams.

Lincoln speaks about many areas some of which include; Passion, Motivation, What is your WHY? Essence and Purpose, Optimism/Pessimism, Functional teams, Nutrition and Exercise, Coping, Communication and Meaning, Comfort Zones, Leadership Styles and Conflict.

Functional Teams Programs

It is possible for a team to be cohesive and functional. Sadly most businesses assume this will occur with the odd team activity or morning tea for someone’s birthday. If you truly want your team to be functional, you need to be brave enough to invest time and money in ensuring this is possible.

In the Functional Teams Programs, workshop based programs are designed to investigate, highlight, probe and explore your team. This can include mindsets, culture, individual impact and team behaviours, values alignment, leadership styles and comfort zones.

Programs are specially designed for you and may be of one or more sessions. If you have an hour, 4 hours or even more, this will be very valuable time spent on the team. The format is not prescriptive, dictatorial or contrived. Get the most out of your time and your investment into your team.

Personal Awareness Profiling

DISC is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication. Lincoln uses this non-judgmental tool in conjunction with the Functional Teams Programs to assist individuals to identify and discuss their behavioural differences. DISC profiling will help you and your team:
• Increase your self-knowledge of how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress, and how you solve problems
• Learn how to adapt your own style to get along better with others
• Foster constructive and creative group interactions
• Facilitate better teamwork and minimize team conflict
• Manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of team members

Team Alignment

All workplace teams need direction. As the goal posts are constantly changing with external factors so too will the direction. It is crucial to regularly assess the current goals and ensure the path to success is clear and methods in place to achieve results. Each workshop is tailored to suit the dynamics of your team; whether you are a new team forming, a restructured team or an existing team in need of inspiration or clarity our facilitators will help provide the answers you
are looking for.

Individual & Team Mentoring

Lincoln uses his extensive expertise to mentor, nurture and guide both individuals and teams alike. Lincoln’s unique style enables individuals and teams to identify, shift and be more productive within the business. Individual mentoring sessions can be tailored through the year to suit your particular time frames and environment.

Keynote Titles

  • Passionate Performance
  • Stress & Lifestyle
  • Building a Functional Team
  • Individual versus Team Health


Very passionate and inspiring, Lincoln was fantastic, a lot can be learnt from health to the workplace, Extremely motivating, Totally agree with the link between passion and success, Excellent - favourite part of the day, Great - would have liked more time, Even better than last year, Always interesting to hear about health, fitness and relaxation, Loved it - his passion was contagious.

JSA Financial Group

Lincoln you thrilled us, educated us and reminded us of the simple ways to improve our lives, thank you.

Australian Podiatric Association

Lincoln, your facilitation of these sessions allowed us to feel that we could contribute honestly and truthfully without judgement. You nailed it by bringing our EMT and “heads of brands” out first in your interview special to ensure we led the way in demonstrating that honesty from the top down. You were able to keep the masses entertained, inspired and motivated. I’m amazed how you can keep your energy levels that high, sustained for such a long period with so many people in the room. Very impressed!!!

Bright And Duggan


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