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Lincoln Amidy Travels from Newcastle, NSW

Lincoln Amidy


  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Master Of Ceremonies
  • Resilience
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building
  • Work Environments

Lincoln Amidy is the no nonsense Individuals and Teams Expert. Whether it be as a motivational speaker, facilitator or mentor he will enlighten, challenge and provoke you and your team. 

Lincoln has 23 years of experience with individuals, teams and leadership groups. Lincoln started life as teacher, rugby player, outdoor education facilitator, motivational speaker for the Golden Door Health Retreat and then founder and owner of his own events company for 16 years. He delivers Leadership and Team Development programs and sessions to a variety of corporate businesses. His absolute aim is to help teams become more functional and high performing and educate leaders on being inclusive, insightful and inspiring. 

He has a very honest, authentic and realistic approach which will ensure the success of the session and its longevity and meaning for you. Lincoln’s sessions are insightful, provocative and practical. He delivers content that ensures absolute application to teams, individuals and business.

He has an absolute ambition to influence, change, alter, educate and challenge corporate teams and groups. He is very astute and equipped to help groups to truly investigate WHY they operate the way they do, who they are and how they function together as a team. He thrives on the uncomfortable and enabling it to then be the comfortable.

As an MC at your event, Lincoln will ensure that your agenda is full of fun, includes break activities and runs smoothly. The day’s events will be a relief for the organiser and a delight for the delegates.

Keynote Titles

  • Passionate Performance
  • Stress & Lifestyle
  • Building a Functional Team
  • Individual versus Team Health


Very passionate and inspiring, Lincoln was fantastic, a lot can be learnt from health to the workplace, Extremely motivating, Totally agree with the link between passion and success, Excellent - favourite part of the day, Great - would have liked more time, Even better than last year, Always interesting to hear about health, fitness and relaxation, Loved it - his passion was contagious.

JSA Financial Group

Lincoln you thrilled us, educated us and reminded us of the simple ways to improve our lives, thank you.

Australian Podiatric Association

Lincoln, your facilitation of these sessions allowed us to feel that we could contribute honestly and truthfully without judgement. You nailed it by bringing our EMT and “heads of brands” out first in your interview special to ensure we led the way in demonstrating that honesty from the top down. You were able to keep the masses entertained, inspired and motivated. I’m amazed how you can keep your energy levels that high, sustained for such a long period with so many people in the room. Very impressed!!!

Bright And Duggan


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