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Colin Pidd Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Colin Pidd


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  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Culture Change
  • Facilitator
  • Leadership
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Colin specialises in communication, leadership conversations and influencing strategies. He is proud of his contribution to leadership, children and their communities.

He has an academic background in industrial psychology, administration and business law. He also has post-graduate qualifications in adult learning. He has been a senior executive in both the public (broadcasting) and private (finance and retailing) sectors and has worked as a consultant for a range of Australian and international clients. This work has been in the areas of strategic planning and implementation, executive development, unit or organisational merger implementation, performance management training and leadership coaching.

He is the Founding Partner and Global Consultant for and international consulting company.  He has worked all over the world with some of the planet’s most iconic companies and organisations – public and private.

He has worked with leadership teams in unusual places such as a Castle in Transylvania and on the Great Wall of China. He is committed to global action and has facilitated many international conferences in health, education, and media… and beyond.

Colin works all over the world with some of its most iconic companies and leaders. Colin is artful in building high performing executive teams. He deeply understands and has researched the very core of what causes motivation that leads to effective leadership and collaboration.

Before becoming a consultant, he worked in fashion, education broadcasting (including the ABC’s Play School unit), and finance.

When not facilitating and working with others he spends time with his wonderful wife moving between the mountains, the sea and the city of Melbourne in this fantastic country of ours, talking, thinking and doing stuff. 




Keynote Titles

  • Convincings or Conversations, the real key to contribution.
  • Liberating Cleverness and Courage in a Country of Leaders, Bosses and Bastards


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