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Kim Serafini Travels from Sunshine Coast, QLD

Kim Serafini


  • Brain / Neuro Science
  • Business Success
  • Change Management
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Culture Change
  • Engagement
  • Female Speaker
  • Inspirational
  • Performance
  • Psychology
  • Resilience
  • Training

Kim Serafini is an internationally respected Australian; a "manifestor" - according to ‘human design’; a versatile entrepreneur, bestselling author, world-class speaker, qualified Sports Therapist and former corporate high-flyer.  Most importantly she is the creator of Mind Power Technology, the start-up tech company with an APP: MindPT (referral code 'great15’). This is an emotionally engaging, innovative concept for rewiring your brain to think positively so you can live a happy and fulfilled life.

MindPT benefits any organisation who wants to increase productivity, improve teamwork, enhance performance potential, build a competitive advantage and create sustainable positive change - by creating a mentally and emotionally stronger, fitter workplace through these customised fast, short MindPT Sessions.

Kim is a Business School graduate who has reached the heady heights at the top of the corporate ladder in the area of change management in the field of mergers & acquisitions, in both the UK and North America. She has many powerful personal experiences to share in order to help us all understand how we can make significant, long-lasting and successful changes so that we bounce back quickly, further develop resilience and overcome life’s challenges effectively with grace.

Kim demonstrates the courage to innovate and launch products in highly competitive market places during the tough times in economic history while encouraging EVERYONE in her community and her personal clients to do the same.

Passionate about positive psychology and emotional wellbeing, Kim delights, inspires, and engages audiences around the world as she shares the power of being gr8ful in her everyday life. A deeply loved, masterful coach and mentor, she focuses on helping her clients around the world to change with grace, speed & ease and profit energetically, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. 

Kim offers you and your team a chance to learn the science of happiness with practical strategies for positive leadership, improved engagement and increases in optimism. The research-based strategies presented by this world-renowned expert in applying positive psychology are designed with the ultimate goal of helping your organisation raise every outcome it seeks to improve including higher levels of productivity, creativity, engagement, happiness and success. 

She is committed to supporting individuals and organisations in their pursuit of happiness and the associated benefits:  

Reduction in Stress: 23%

Better health: 39%

Productivity: 31%

Positive Social Interaction: 34%

More success in sales: 37%

More creative: 3X

More accurate: 19%

More engaged: 10X

Kim is deeply committed to helping you to JUMP over the hurdles keeping you from experiencing a truly fulfilled life. 

Keynote Titles

  • Harness the Mind’s Potential
  • How to immediately put some of the applied neuroscience thinking into practice
  • Benefit from Mindfulness Practices that are efficient & effective
  • Optimise your performance & your team’s achievements
  • Positively prime the mind for boosts in creativity
  • Improve the emotional and mental wellbeing for those you work with
  • Understand how the brain works and what helps it perform well
  • Why the way our careers are structured creates the biggest challenge for change
  • Learn how to focus, collaborate and be more innovative by training the Mind
  • How to rebuild trust and develop a culture of appreciation


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