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When the only constant in business is the relentlessly accelerating pace of change, most business leaders have their hands totally full working out how to implement all the new systems and processes, and don’t have the time to repeatedly go back again and again help their people buy in and emotionally commit to the changes that are vital for business success.

Marty’s programs are deliberately designed to convince your team about the WHY, and let you get back to teaching them the WHAT and the HOW.

His approach is different to any other change speaker for two huge reasons.

Firstly, Marty deals with the fear around change from a DEEPLY human perspective. Where other speakers describe implementation workflow, process models, and personal transition frameworks, Marty takes the whole process back to the foundations and works with your team as the thinking, feeling human beings they are. People with hearts and minds, doubts and fears.

The other way Marty is different is that he is a former Australian Comic of the Year who worked as a full time Stand Up on the brutal UK comedy circuit for 7 years, so he uses huge slabs of humour and guarantees he can actually hold your room’s attention for long enough to teach them something.  

Marty has been invited to present at the third annual "Funny Business" conference in San Francisco in June, to talk about his new online course "More Funny, More Money - how to add humour to any speech, pitch or sales presentation.

The Speaking Circuit’s ‘Mr Muscle’ – Marty Loves the Jobs They Hate

Marty has performed for over 385,000 people over 15 years, so he is perfect for opening your conference and getting your people out of their work mindset, and he is superb at closing your event and sending everyone home buzzing, and his hilarious, high-energy style is just the ticket for those low-energy spots all the other speakers hate. Give Marty the “Day three, after lunch” spot and watch the crowd start grinning again.

Keynote Titles

  • Change without Fear | The science of managing stress and conquering your fear of change
  • What I Wish I Knew About Success | 1000 inspirational interviews in one hilarious hour
  • Sell Without Fear | The psychology of using humour and stories to bypass fear in sales
  • What I Wish I Knew About ... (add your conference theme here)
  • Selling With Stories


There are two types of speakers: those who have well-researched, actionable content that has a lasting impact on your people, and those who are incredibly motivating & entertaining. With Marty Wilson you get both. He inspired everyone at our event with some deeply challenging, well thought through strategies for how to stay resilient in the face of relentless change, and he had us in stitches for an hour. I’d strongly recommend Marty for any conference where you want to educate, motivate and give your people a great time.

American Express

Marty Wilson combines thoroughly researched, scientifically proven content with an empathetic, human approach to his subject. And he wraps it up in a hilarious presentation style that keeps even the most hardened cynic engaged.

AusMedtech International

We were very fortunate to have Marty speak at our National Foodco Conference in October 2016. Marty is an energetic person with a powerful message for all business owners. He speaks with knowledge and wit, which put the audience at ease and as such enabled them to absorb the key messages. I was delighted to see the level of attentiveness and engagement from over 700 staff and franchisees. He helped us understand that Change isn't something to be frightened of, that it should embraced and whilst there's truth to the Yiddish proverb of Men plan and God laughs, there's nothing to fear from change but fear itself. It’s just part of the journey of life. Great fun and powerful messages "from one of the best corporate speakers around today…"




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