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Nic Frances Gilley MBE Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Nic Frances Gilley MBE


  • Author
  • Change Management
  • Climate Change
  • Entrepreneur
  • Environment
  • Ethics
  • Globalisation / World Affairs
  • Leadership
  • Master Of Ceremonies
  • Society / Social Trends
  • Sustainability
  • World Affairs

Nic Frances is a world renowned social entrepreneur and an award winning author and communicator. He consults to organisations helping them to change, lead and find their place strategically and culturally in a rapidly changing global market place.

Nic combines an entrepreneurial and strategic brain, extensive experience in working with senior leaders in the private, not-for-profit and government sectors and an ability to engage diverse stakeholders and negotiate outcomes.

Nic consults on strategy, policy, social enterprise, carbon markets, organisational change and leadership issues.

Whether as a keynote speaker, Master of Ceremonies or Chair – Nic’s ability to engage, challenge and inspire audiences is renowned.

He is founder of a company focused on large scale energy efficiency projects to deliver significant global reduction in carbon emissions. Nic is a world leader in showing how social enterprise can lead the global market agenda to address human society’s big challenges like climate change and poverty.

A former stock broker, Nic left a successful early career in the UK private sector to found the Furniture Resource Centre (FRC). Under his leadership, the FRC grew from a public charity into a leading profit-generating social enterprise, which has been recognised as the blueprint for the 'Mutual State' model proposed by leading UK think tank, New Economics Foundation.

Nic was ordained as an Anglican priest in 1996 and moved to Australia from the UK in 1998, heading up the Brotherhood of St. Laurence for five years until 2004. His role developing social policy meant working with Australia’s leading welfare, business and political leaders.

In 2001, Nic was invited to be one of the first 30 Schwab social entrepreneurs, a group convened by World Economic Forum founder and chairman Klaus Schwab, and received a Centenary medal for his charity work with the Brotherhood of St Laurence in 2002.

In 2004 Nic founded and led for-profit environmental and social purpose businesses Easy Being Green and Cool nrg International. These businesses have worked with Governments, the World Bank, UNFCCC, global financial institutions and some of Europe’s leading companies to develop and deliver grounding breaking climate and antipoverty programs globally – delivering over 40 million energy saving light bulbs to households, saving over US$825 million in energy costs and cutting 10 million tonnes of CO2. His business established the world’s first Clean Development Mechanism Program of Activities approved by the UN.

Nic has written a number of books and his book, The End of Charity, won the 2006 Iremonger Award for writing on public issues.

Nic has just opened a health food - fast food restaurant and is currently advising the Kenyan government on energy efficiency, several business on high level strategy development and is the angel funder and strategic advisor to

Keynote Titles

  • Social enterprise and value centered economics
  • Personal leadership


Nic is a gifted communicator who has the unique ability to challenge audiences and inspire action. He is open, self-deprecating and incredibly intelligent. Audiences at our conferences rate Nic's presentations and workshops as challenging, valuable and life changing experiences. We regularly have to increase the room size for Nic's sessions due to overwhelming demand - which says it all!

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