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Elisabetta Faenza Travels from Canberra Or Sydney, UK

Elisabetta Faenza


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Elisabetta started her academic career in the field of modern languages and psychology, earning a double degree from Canberra University back in the late 1980s. She went on to gain a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and an Advanced Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy followed by a Masters Degree in International Relations from Deakin University.

During her post-graduate study she became more and more interested in why individuals, organisations and ethnic groups have repeating patterns of behaviour and how sometimes one individual can influence many others. This interest led her from the world of psychology to an interest in psychoneuroimmunology and quantum biology.

Elisabetta is currently completing a Masters Degree in Education focusing on Workplace Pedagogy (how we learn after we leave formal education). For ten years she was a keynote speaker in the Direct Sales Industry and trained salespeople on personal effectiveness and productivity.

With a Masters of International Relations, Elisabetta research has been motivated by a quest to understand energy; how we use it, waste it, manipulate it and steal it. Her aim is to bring our unconscious use of energy and resources into awareness so individuals, families, businesses and communities can make better decisions about the way we use energy.

Elisabetta is the author of The Energy Bucket Handbook, The Nemesis, The Essence of the Deal, The Infidel, D'Arc - the Legend of Saint Jehanne, and was a contributor to the first edition of the Thought Leaders Ideas book.

Her latest book release is called The Energy Code: 7 keys to activating your DNA for increased productivity, creativity, innovation and profit.

More recently, Elisabetta has become a popular speaker within the public sector, delivering keynotes and personal mentoring to executive level (SES) staff on productivity and personal health management. She has been mentoring CEO and Management level employees within private and public organisations on the importance of their personal health and energy to productivity. Observing workplaces and the constant flow of research around human behaviour has led her to some interesting and useful conclusions of applying the methodology to the workplace with positive results.

Keynote Titles

  • The Energy Bucket series incorporating the 5 Key Principles of Energy Consciousness
  • Leadership Bucket
  • The Essence of the Deal
  • Work and Life in the Balance
  • Pregnant With Purpose
  • Gender Health
  • Personal Bucket
  • Sales Bucket
  • Earth Bucket
  • The Neuroscience of Personality


An energising presentation on the practical application of leadership principals. A different perspective and certainly prompted thought. Very interesting.


Our team just got so much out of the Neuroscience of Personality session you ran for us Elisabetta. Not only did we all learn a lot about 'why' we are the way we are and why we work the way we do, it provided us with an opportunity to explore and match the strengths which exist amongst our team.

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