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Jon Burgess Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Jon Burgess


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Jon is an international leader in the field of people networks and advocacy. His passion to help organisations gain and maintain their competitive advantage through developing and leveraging their people networks led to the launch of Kwan in 2002. He is recognised as one of the most innovative minds, renowned for his development of The Three Minds™ philosophy.

For more than a decade, Jon has worked with some of the world’s most admired organisations and business schools, helping them develop a greater understanding of how to connect and collaborate with their people networks to remain relevant and top of mind. 

Prior to this, Jon had a successful career for more than twenty years in communications and sports management. In 2000, he became the official Melbourne Partner for GSI – the agency that managed many Olympic and world champion athletes.

Born in Bermuda, and raised and educated in East London, Israel, Africa and Australia, Jon enjoyed a brief professional football career with English Premier League Club, West Ham, in their youth division, before moving back to Australia permanently.

Jon and his organisation have pioneered a revolutionary yet strikingly simple approach to understanding people networks and advocacy. With relationship building training a rare feature of professional development programs or business strategies, his approach addresses this critical blind-spot within businesses – with a delivery style designed for time-poor professionals.

When you place advocacy at the centre of your business strategy, you’re positioned to attract new value and greater sustainability in an increasingly competitive world by creating and maintaining powerful people networks. The challenge is that leaders commonly assume their highly skilled people have the ability to create meaningful connections, yet this is almost always overlooked in recruitment and ongoing professional development.

Jon and his organisation can help you transform the way your executives, senior leaders and talent engage with people – internally and externally. Their comprehensive solution teaches your people the principles, behaviours and strategies that underpin effective, high-value relationships. It converts a transactional understanding of ‘networking’ into a long term capacity to create sustainable relationships.

A network that actively thinks about you and your success drives greater commercial and cultural value and increases:
• Resilience through robust, authentic relationships founded on mutuality
• Efficiency and effectiveness by redirecting people’s focus to opportunities
• Collaboration and innovation through meaningful engagement and access to wider skill sets
• Agility and the quality of execution by empowering a new way of thinking, connecting and problem-solving

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Jon is one of those people that comes along that you know will simply be of immense value to the people that he helps. Driven on the belief that Respect is the core foundation to both business and personal relationships, you will be both impressed and inspired by his work. If you want to accelerate the growth in your people and ultimately your business, I would highly recommend Jon to be part of your journey. A trusted professional who will exceed your expectations.

Australia/New Zealand Credit Suisse

Business leaders often describe relationships and networks as a central theme for growth and development. Too often relationship management is seen as a sales function or worse it’s left to the chances of natural instinct. Kwan brings a unique perspective to engage organisations in the deliberate skill of developing business networks.....You should be pleased with what you have created. It is something unique and what is so evident is how many lives you have touched… a fantastic tribute to you and your work.

Commonwealth Bank

Jon Burgess recognised long ago that whilst corporations may do business with each other, individuals within those corporations are responsible for the creation and development of the relationships that facilitate the transaction. Kwan helps to support our recognition of the tangible value that we all place on things like sincerity, professional respect and consistent delivery of promises made. Regular interaction with people of like minds - your network, supports and enhances corporate profile, particularly during these challenging economic times.

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