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Sonia McDonald Travels from Brisbane, QLD


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Sonia McDonald, is CEO and founder of Australia’s leading leadership executive coach and advisor, thought leader, keynote speaker and author. Named as one of the Top 250 Influential Women across the Globe, Sonia is shaking up the world of leadership. She’s changing the way we view leadership and along the way, uncovering awesome leadership talent which had gone unrecognised. With over 25 years’ human resource management, leadership and organisational development experience, she has held senior leadership roles in diverse industries across the globe.

Sonia McDonald is an inspiring speaker who rocks the room as she delivers enjoyable and informative sessions filled with practical application. She is a published author and award-winning entrepreneur, and an expert at unlocking leadership capability through presentations filled with passion, empowerment and transformational learning.

Sonia’s key focus is helping people discover their talent and strengths so they ‘rock it’ as leaders, and contribute to business success. Sonia is internationally recognised as an expert in leadership and strategy, organisational development, workplace diversity and the neuroscience of leadership.

Above all, Sonia has over 25 years ‘experience in human resource management, leadership and organisational development, holding leadership positions around the globe. During her presentations, Sonia shares the story of her own development as a leader, along with the leadership tips and techniques, she has perfected through working with hundreds of corporate and small business clients and entrepreneurs.

Sonia’s presentations have immediate practical application, producing an audience of inspired current and potential leaders willing to apply her winning leadership strategies.

Sonia is authentic and understanding, with a natural ability to connect and easily get her message across. She’s easy to relate to, and above all, she’s an expert who shares her information in a simple and practical way.

What gives Sonia her awesome ability to connect with her audience, whether as a speaker or a coach, is the breadth of her life experience.

Sonia calls herself “The Accidental Entrepreneur” because her journey to leadership was one that she never expected to take. She gave up her corporate career to follow her husband to China where he was posted. On finding herself left alone as a single mother in a foreign country, she rebuilt her life and started studying more about the concept of leadership.

After working for many years with a focus on high performance leadership, teams and organisational culture, Sonia wanted to understand the influence of the brain on the way we work. She then went on to study the neuroscience of leadership.

Sonia educates leaders to think beyond the traditional model of leadership and creates an organisation of engaged and committed people working for the same goal.

Keynote Titles

  • Confidence is SO Hot
  • #Leadership is an Attitude
  • Power of the Mix
  • C Words
  • Squashing the ANTS
  • SHHH…Secret Skills
  • Chuppa Chup Moments


Sonia has been speaking at the AHRI events and conferences for many years. Her workshops and presentations are always insightful, engaging and empowering. She is generous and inspiring with her audiences and focuses on bringing out the best in her participants. Now this is important.




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