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Jamie Pride is a speaker, author and thought leader on design thinking & disruptive innovation. He believes for businesses to remain competitive they need to be ambidextrous - exercising both their creative and analytical capabilities. He is the author of State Shifters: Helping Big Business Loosen Up & Startups Grow Up!

Jamie has been speaking and consulting professionally for over 10 years. He brings a wealth of practical, hands-on experience. He is extremely passionate about helping organisations thrive in disruptive environments - using creativity & design thinking techniques to drive innovation. Examples of content areas include:

Future Trends - what will be the core technology & business trends that will drive the competitive and consumer landscape over the next 3 years?

Design Thinking - How can you build more empathy with your customers and focus on experience not product?

Disruptive Innovation - Why are established businesses being disrupted faster than ever and how can you thrive in disruptive times?

Digital Natives - How are demographics of the workplace changing and how do engage & harness the talent of your digital natives?

Jamie also works with government clients to help them navigate the digital landscape and to help build better stakeholder experiences. He also has a passion for bringing entrepreneurial techniques into the public sector. Examples of content areas include:

Digital Transformation - How do public sector businesses need to transform in order to keep pace with stakeholder demands, and what skills and approaches are most appropriate?

Impact of Future Trends - What will be the impact of future digital and technology trends on the public sector, and how can you equip your teams to thrive in dynamic environments?

e-Services & Customer Experience - How can you build great customer experience and engagement in an e-services environment?

Intrapreneurialism in the public sector - In his time working with dozens of private sector startups and disruptive businesses, Jamie has put together some key lessons that public sector and not for profit businesses can learn to help them be more agile and innovative.

Jamie has over 20 years' experience working in global businesses, such as salesforce.com, Cisco Systems, Symantec & Red Hat. As a serial entrepreneur, he has founded and sold several technology startups. He was the CEO of realestate.com.au, growing that business to $3b in market capitalisation. He was also a Partner at Deloitte, where he ran Deloitte Digital in Sydney.

He currently is the co-founder of a leading Australian technology foundry - where they help startups turn their ideas into reality. Jamie has a Masters of Management from MGSM and completed postgraduate studies at Stanford.


Jamie’s work at realestate.com.au was nothing short of outstanding. He ran one of the most highly respected, profitable and internationally recognized brands in the online space. He has outstanding leadership skills, and builds amazing levels of trust and respect within his teams.

REA Group

Jamie is a tenacious, extremely knowledgeable, and highly professional executive who provides extraordinary vision and direction, absent of any construct or guidance. His ability to build and develop an outstanding team, and become a trusted advisor to Global 1000 clients was remarkable. He is also someone who you can rely upon for honest, candid feedback, delivered professionally and supported by facts and experience.



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