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Sally Dominguez Travels from Sydney, USA

Sally Dominguez


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Sally Dominguez is a Futurist, Sustainable Resilience Expert and 10XInnovation Strategist. As a multi-award-winning Inventor, Adventurer, and Educator Sally has unique experience practicing, observing, teaching and advocating for innovation. Sally has updated Design Thinking from reactive to proactive with her ADVENTUROUS THINKING methodology,  designed to promote the agile mindset needed for consistently innovative practices. Sally's new strategy, which forms the foundation for consistent Adventurous Thinking, is EPIC Resilience.

​EPIC represents the balance of four essential quadrants: Emotional strength, Physical strength, Intellectual Curiosity and Creative Confidence.

​Sally was IKEA's sustainable resilience expert for their 2020 Life At Home Report and she has provided future strategy and innovation tools to forward thinking organizations including NASA, IKEA, Rockwell Automation, Start-se and other startup incubators, the Amazing Experiences LatAM network, and various financial institutions worldwide.

Since COVID19 Sally has been advising organisations on bottom-up digitization strategies, hybrid solutions reflecting the impact and learnings of COVID, and decentralized resilience and human connection strategies.

As Innovation Strategy amd Design Program Director as Singularity University Sally designed and delivered programs to activate the Adventurous10X Mindset needed to flourish in the unrelenting change of the Fourth Revolution.  Sally is now on Faculty at Singularity, specializing in Resilience, Leadership, Smart Cities, Future Forecasting and the Future of Transport.  Sally co-hosts TheNextBillionCars podcast , leveraging her Car of the Year expertise to comment on the future of transport, and is a co-host on Aussie Inventions that Changed the World. She was an expert judge on ABC TV's New Inventors for six years and is an Ambassador for Good Design Australia.

Sally's passion is "leveling up" human ingenuity by activating every persons' creative and innovative thinking potential.  To achieve this she uses EPIC Resilience, a strategy uniting Inclusion and Innovation, and her Adventurous Thinking Five Lens tool kit.

ADVENTUROUS THINKING forces "bearable discomfort" thinking for a thriving 10X Mindset.  No longer is design thinking reactive.  Using the Five Lens tools to alternately converge and proliferate thinking, ADVENTUROUS THINKING enables users to think outside their default "expert" neural pathways, and re-ignite the curious mindset that is the key to consistent innovation.  ADVENTUROUS THINKING is the key to creating strategy for accelerating change, and results in growth: personal, professional and company-wide. 

The ADVENTUROUS THINKING 10X Mindset strategy has been used internationally by numerous Fortune500 companies including Genentech, Caterpillar and P&G as well as NASA, the Shenzhen government, Australian education system, Dubai Tourism, Clif Bar, Breville and more.  ADVENTUROUS THINKING workshops run at Stanford, Start-se and Singularity and the strategy was presented as part of the SXSW Frugal Innovation panel in 2016.  Sally has taught ADVENTUROUS THINKING as a means to integrate innovation into the Australian school curriculum for the Association of Independent Schools and the Catholic Schools Office.

Sally's experience is steeped in innovative practice and innovative commentary.  In addition to TheNextBillionCars podcast she is co-host of Australia's Greatest Inventions that Changed the World, she judged invention on ABC TV’s New Inventors for six years, she is an ambassador for Engineers Without Borders Australia, and in  2012 she was named one of Advance Australia’s “50 for the Future” entrepreneurs in the USA.   Sally has won seven international awards for her innovative products and her work is held in the Powerhouse Museum (Australia), the Museum of New York (USA) and the Victoria & Albert (UK).

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