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Jenny Waycott Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Jenny Waycott


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Jenny Waycott is an Associate Professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems, working in the interdisciplinary field of Human-Computer Interaction. She co-leads the Human-Computer Interaction research group and leads the Design for Ageing research theme within this group.

A/Prof Waycott was a recent ARC Future Fellow (2017-2021).

Her current research focuses on the design and use of social technologies to provide enrichment in later life, especially in aged care settings. In addition, her research examines ethical issues in the design and use of new technologies in sensitive settings, and explores creative uses of new technologies for social inclusion. Using qualitative and participatory methods, A/Prof Waycott examines the social contexts in which people use new technologies, focusing in particular on understanding how older adults and aged care providers use technologies for social and emotional wellbeing.

Through deep understandings of contexts of use, this work aims to improve how we design and deploy technologies with older adults, especially in sensitive settings such as aged care, where a respectful and empathetic approach is crucial to ensure new technologies provide benefit and do not cause harm.

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