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Colin Pearce Travels from Adelaide, SA

Colin Pearce


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Colin Pearce makes you laugh while he changes your mind. He has 18 years' experience in teaching, television and business, and speaks on sales, customer service, teamwork and personal success.

When he speaks Colin tells stories, uses funny voices, sings, pulls faces and creates lots of interaction so his business savvy and common sense ideas stick… and you get the changes you want: Less stress, better teamwork, more sales.

Colin has learned that behavioural change is more about will than skill. Even though people are better educated and better equipped than any other time in history, morale is as slow as ever. So whatever the topic, he likes to put people under the anaesthetic of laughter and while they’re “out to it”, scrape a few barnacles off their hearts and plug up the holes where the despair leaks in. It’s all about restoring hope – and then the skills follow.

When Colin Pearce is your conference MC, keynote speaker, training presenter or workshop facilitator, your people listen, laugh and change.


Because Colin is a funny, feisty presenter who gets his message across in a style that is easily digested. People put what he says into practice the next day – that makes you look good – to everyone! 

An hour with Colin is certain to bring you at least one of these outcomes, if not more:

- less stress

- better teamwork

- better relationships with customers

- people aiming for more in their life

- the team less affected by negative circumstances

- a more positive atmosphere

- less blame laying

- changed attitudes to productivity


We asked you to raise our sales 10%. On average the Australia-wide stores increased sales from 8% to 12%. It worked.

Muffin Break

The audience reaction was HUGE - I would take a bet that every single person in that room got something out of Colin's presentation - every single person - that's magnificent.

Telecom NZ

Colin's contribution to this year's Property Management Conference not only fulfilled our expectations but, in fact, far outweighed them. His presentation gave our conference an absolute spark. The quality, popularity and inclusiveness of the presentation ensured that the audience was not only extremely well-informed but thoroughly enjoyed the way the message was delivered. Colin generated an atmosphere of learning, fun, enjoyment and, most of all, participation.

First National Real Estate


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