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Sue-maree McEnearney Travels from Gold Coast, QLD

Sue-maree McEnearney


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Sue-maree delivers conference keynote presentations on communication, negotiation, sales, customer service, teamwork, improved productivity, job satisfaction, leadership and success. She is a Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis.

Sue-maree's 'h-spot' programs explore the mind-body connection and reveal simple, practical strategies that dissolve fear and stress, increase performance, productivity and profitability, improve health and create more happiness and fulfilment. She addresses the communication skills needed to help alleviate the stresses people experience in relation to communicating in the workplace and home (including issues around bullying, gossip, hierarchy, manipulation, equality and respect).

A solid background in business as a Chartered Accountant, business owner and Director of public and private companies has provided her with first hand experience of how finding your h-spot improves the success of your business, and brings more joy to your life.

Sue-maree has written a book "What's Going On? Communication: What Hurts and What Works" and the Australian Human Rights Commission have invited Sue-maree to enter the book in their Awards.

Keynote Titles

  • What's Going On?!
  • Difficult Conversations Made Easy
  • What To Say When You Don't Know What To Say
  • Grace Under Fire: Never be set up, or put down again!
  • The Stress-free Professional / Teacher / Parent / Partner
  • Communication Skills for Loving Life-Long Relationships


Inspirational, both within the firm and in dealing with clients

Partner KPMG

Feedback from participants, and from our own observations, is that Sue-maree was refreshing, motivational, energetic, and certainly delivered practical techniques to improve selling and communication. We certainly recommend Sue-maree to stimulate and improve people's understanding of interpersonal communication.n

Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd

Your presentation was a fantastic lift for the delegates. Excellent. Motivating. Inspiring. 5 stars.

Queensland University Of Technology


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