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Dawn Russell Travels from Perth, WA

Dawn Russell


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Certified Expert Presenter, executive leadership coach, and motivational trainer and facilitator, Dawn Russell brings her heart to everything she does.

An ex-senior airline executive, army reservist, cancer survivor, published author, green thumb and creative cook, Dawn passionately believes that when people are able to bring and give their best, anything is possible.

In today’s world, competitive advantage cannot rely on having the best hardware, because technology and process is so easily copied.  True competitive advantage comes from the “heartware” of an organisation – the employees and leaders who embody a culture of heartfelt commitment and passion to willingly give more than is expected.

“Anyone can copy your hardware, but absolutely no one can replicate your Heartware®.

Polished, professional, relatable and equally as comfortable in high heels challenging CEOs in their boardrooms as she is in her purple Steel Blue work boots in a diesel-fumed workshop, Dawn’s own “heartware” gives her an innate ability to connect deeply with people.

Drawing from a life journey rich with serendipitous events, setbacks and triumphs, Dawn is an authentic, compelling speaker who will touch your heart and inspire you to bring your best self to every single day you are given.

Keynote Titles

  • The Five International, Best-Practice Markers World-Class Leaders Use to Measure Engagement
  • Nine Things World-Class Leaders Know About Leadership and Teams That Compels Everyone to Work Towards the One Common Goal
  • What Money, Mastery and Mistakes Have Got to Do with Driving Engagement
  • The Two Foundational Factors that Lead People to Crawl Over Hot Coals for World-Class Leaders
  • Candour and Accountability: An Insider’s Look at the Two Secret Weapons in Every World-Class Leader’s Arsenal

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