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Jas Rawlinson Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Jas Rawlinson


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As a young girl growing up in a small country valley filled with wonder and beauty, Jas Rawlinson lived a life that looked perfect on the outside, but in reality, 'was filled with daily terror and secrets that threatened to swallow her whole.' It was here, as a 10-year-old girl, that she vowed to use her experience as a child growing up with family violence, to one day create change for other women and children trapped in violent homes.

Today, she is a highly respected resilience and mental health speaker, best-selling author, and award-nominated book coach who specialises in storytelling that changes lives. She is also the founder of one of Australia's first domestic violence memorials, and the first of its kind in Brisbane.

Endorsed by high-profile names including Kevin Hines (award-winning documentary filmmaker and suicide prevention speaker), as well as members of Lifeline and Royal Flying Doctor Service, Jas is often sought out for her natural ability to break down sensitive topics such as domestic violence, trauma, and mental health, and create powerful conversations amongst her audience that leave long-lasting ripples of change. In particular, she is highly respected for her ability to educate on lesser-understood forms of domestic violence, such as gaslighting and financial abuse.

Through her best-selling series 'Reasons to Live: One More Day, Every Day' Jas has worked with close to 3 dozen trauma survivors to help them own, embrace, and raise their stories of triumph over trauma, and is highly regarded for her knowledge around the use of storytelling and writing as a vehicle for trauma recovery. As an author, writer, and anti-child exploitation advocate, Jas has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives, and in 2021, will appear in front of 100 million+ people across the globe on the award-winning philanthropic/travel TV series: Adventure All-Stars.

Described as "captivating, genuine, knowledgeable, and thought-provoking," Jas has spoken everywhere from global summits and international conferences, to small Aboriginal communities, and corporate offices.

Whether you're after a mental health and resilience speaker to create healthy dialogue around wellbeing in your office, or a keynote speaker to deliver powerful storytelling to your audience, Jas will leave your audience empowered, and inspired to create change.


Keynote Titles

  • Trauma is Not a Life Sentence: Lessons learned from 10 years alongside survivors
  • Why being a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur is a Superpower, Not a Flaw
  • Finding hope after domestic violence
  • Write, Inspire, Transform, Heal: Domestic Violence Storytelling Workshops


Jas is a great storyteller who has a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience with issues like domestic violence, mental health, and resilience. When I invited her onto the LIVIN Podcast to share about the red-flags of domestic violence and creating healthy relationships after trauma, I was surprised by how much I learned. Jas’s insights and perspectives around how domestic violence isn’t always physical abuse and how it encompasses so much more was eye-opening for me. Thank you, Jas, for being a strong voice on topics that people struggle to speak about.

Sam Webb - Actor & Co-Founder Of LIVIN

Every person in the room listened so intently to Jas that you could have heard a pin drop. The day of her talk happened to be the morning after the murder-suicide of Hannah Clarke and her 3 children; serendipitous! If you want to hear stories first hand about domestic violence awareness and prevention then Jas is your speaker.

Former President At Carindale Rotary

Jas, you’re doing amazing work. It’s powerful, it’s motivating, it’s moving. Thank you so much for being here with us at the Hope Rising 2020 summit. We greatly appreciate your time and wish you all the best in the world.

Kevin Hines - Global Suicide Prevention Speaker, Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker And Author


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