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Simon Gillard Travels from Sydney, NSW

Simon Gillard


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Simon was a NSW Police Officer for 16 years before being invalided out of the force with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  He attained the rank of Detective Sergeant investigating major crime throughout Sydney. Simon systemically formed Depression and identity crisis, losing the career he loved, and, saw as his life-long profession. Having had a number of suicide attempts when loneliness, worthlessness and hopelessness took complete hold.

In 2015, Simon found his meaning, passion and purpose again that allowed him to move forward and keep living. Through resilience, hope and recovery Simon started a new life journey, to help others.

He has presented and shared his story to thousands of people across Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada. Now, including Zoom and other webinar platforms due to the current implications of the novel Corona Virus. By sharing his lived experience, work and research with medical professionals he provides thought provoking positive perspective, inspiration and practical meaning to change lives, educate the community, save careers and ultimately, save lives.

Simon is a bestselling author, his first book, ’Life Sentence - A Police Officers Battle with PTSD’ was published by Penquin Random House - May 2017.

Simon is a mental health and addiction advisor to the ‘Primary Health Network’ (PHN), Ambassador for ‘R U Ok?’ & ‘Australian Rotary Health’. He is a volunteer speaker and presenter for ‘beyondblue’ and the ‘Blackdog Institute’ and is Mental Health First Aid trained. He has been featured in many different forms of media, such as television interviews, a Canadian Documentary on PTSD, radio, magazines, newspapers and worldwide podcasts to share his story and key messages.

Simon’s other interests include sport, landscaping, the beach, socializing with friends and spending time with his family experiencing new adventures, travel and culture.


Supporting mental resilience across the business, for both our people and leaders, is a key part of our roles in HR at ING Australia. Over the past two weeks we were lucky enough to hear from Simon Gillard as part of R U OK? day and then take part in a yoga and mindfulness session at My Urban Yoga - Surry Hills. Feeling very lucky to work for a business who recognises the importance of both physical and mental wellness.

ING Direct

Great to hear someone's real life experience suffering mental illness Simon. I hope the amazing days outway the bad. Thank you for sharing and making a change!

Cushman & Wakefield

Understanding and breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health is so important not only of effective recovery, but everyday life. Well done!

ORS Group

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