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Kylie Kwong Travels from Sydney, NSW

Kylie Kwong


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Kylie never wanted to become a chef and hates her first name. (Still unable to think of a name a week after she was born, her dad Maurie said: 'Oh damn it, just call her Kylie!'). She wanted to be a famous artist so studied fine art and furniture restoration. Then a temporary job with a catering company ignited her passion for food.

She’d been chopping duck and frying rice for her mum since she was a little girl, and soon realised she had special knowledge of cooking ingredients and techniques to make a living. Her skill and enthusiasm won her jobs at The Restaurant Manfredi, Rockpool and Wockpool where she was soon Head Chef, producing fresh and original food that has charmed diners and critics alike. 

"I've loved nearly every minute making the series (although I'm not sure I would have agreed to do it had I known how much work would be involved) in the end it gives me so much satisfaction to share these wonderful recipes ” recipes I grew up with ” with as many people as possible."

Born into one of Australia’s oldest Chinese families, Kylie has cooking in her blood. She combines traditional family recipes with the latest ideas and techniques. The result is an exciting new blend of Chinese and contemporary Australian cuisine.

Restaurant owner, author, award-winning chef and fifth generation Chinese-Australian, Kylie cooks with irresistible energy and passion. 

Glamorous lobster salad, deep fried fillets of snapper with five different types of tomato, fresh scallops with mint, luscious organic bacon braised in red wine and Kylie’s famous crispy skin duck with blood plum sauce are all explained for expert and novice cooks alike.

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