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Dr Colin Russo Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Colin Russo


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Dr. Colin Russo has three decades of experience engaging stakeholders and clients of national, state and local governments.

He is an award-winning futurist author who writes about topics such as city futures, community consultation, smart cities, the internet of things, use of AI to manage customer interfaces, using AI for predictive health and well-being, and climate change using futures studies methods.

In addition to his expertise in futures studies, Dr. Russo is also well-versed in the topic of AI and its impact on the future. He he is leading discussions about ChatGPT and AI to improve customer service and has presented on groundbreaking brain scanning devices for the prediction of mental health, further demonstrating his knowledge of AI in the field of health and well-being. He can relate all of this writing and presenting to work he has done recently in the creation of a vision for the future of Europe in virtual workshops, in Paris.

Dr. Russo has facilitated futures workshops for the City of Gold Coast's Our Bold Future 2037, Futures Thinking Courses with UNESCO Chair of Futures Studies Professor Inayatullah, and for Geelong City Council in Victoria. He has also presented Futures Courses for organizations such as Melbourne Business School, Australian Federal Police, Brisbane Primary Health, National Disability Services, and more.

Dr. Russo has presented Futures Courses for the Melbourne Business School, Australian Federal Police (Canberra), Brisbane Primary Health, National Disability Services (across Queensland), Australian Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA), Uniting Care Queensland, Redland City Council, Bulloo Shire Council and for the Queensland Government 2019 Leadership Series.

He has presented on water futures in Melbourne for the South Australian Government and futures of smart libraries for the State Library of Queensland and the implications of Covid-19 and future risks on city sustainability, for the Senate, Philippines. Dr Russo has also presented on futures of cities in the USA and Taiwan.

His keynote presentations have covered topics such as organisational transformation and futures thinking for cities, the preparation of the Australian Institute of Sport for the Brisbane City Games of 2032, and health and well-being in cities with a focus on technological innovation.

Keynote Titles

  • Organisational transformation and futures thinking for cities including a case study from one SEQ city's 2040 view of its preferred futures
  • How the Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, is preparing for the Brisbane City Games of 2032
  • New Policing challenges of Smart Cities
  • Health and wellbeing in cities, and technological innovation and how mental health can be predicted using ground-breaking research

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