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Dr Richard Hames Travels from Bangkok, TH

Richard Hames


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In 1998 he warned of the probability of hijacked planes being flown into the World Trade Centre. In 2005 he described to a group of Wall Street bankers the patterns that would lead to a global financial crisis just three years later. He correctly foresaw the circumstances that led to the impeachment of President Dilma Rouseff in Brazil. He was among the first futurists to anticipate the success of Apple’s first iPod and Tesla electric cars. He also predicted the socio-political conditions that eventually led to the Arab Spring and the release of Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. He is now talking about the collapse of capitalism as we know it and a sequence of events he expects to threaten the sovereignty of the EU.

Based purely on performance, Dr Richard Hames – Chairman of the Asian Foresight Institute, an elected Fellow of the World Academy of Art & Science, and a personal mentor to Heads of State, CEOs and entrepreneurs - is one of our most distinguished futurists.

Described by Forbes Asia as “one of the smartest people on the planet” Richard is among the world’s most influential thinkers. Constantly sought after by governments and business for his remarkable accurate insights, Richard provides his audience with deep intelligence on a range of issues concerning the future of humanity.

An Australian citizen, educated in Europe and domiciled in Asia, Richard has been honoured with numerous awards. A compelling speaker and the author of six books, Richard is CEO of Centre for the Future - a unique international enterprise whose mission is to make the world work for everyone by designing alternatives to systems that are failing the human family.

Eight months ago, he co-founded MiVote [] which is already one of the hottest socio-political movements in the world, and he is the strategic mentor behind Riversimple’s hydrogen economy activities in the UK.

As a foresight practitioner Richard and his team have examined hundreds of topics, ranging from the future of conflict and work to taxation, business and society, food security, international terrorism, smart cities, financial services, health care, science and alternative energy.

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