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Margot Cairnes Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Margot Cairnes


  • Author
  • C E O / M D
  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Female Speaker
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  • Leadership

Margot has had a global career delivering large scale transformation projects for multinationals and governments with revenue growth in the billions. She has presented on leadership and change at the World Economic Forum and shared a stage with Hillary Clinton and Queen Raina of Jordan in NYC at

Working as a coach and advisor to boards and top teams in Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia, Margot has used her compelling approach to strategy development to help leaders widen and deepen their thinking, develop creativity, effectively problem solve and develop stronger, more robust stakeholder relationships.

Through applying her transformational skills to strategy formulation, and culture change she has helped the top teams and boards of:

  • Fletcher Challenge Energy to execute a massive turn (an increase of 375% on net earnings) and subsequent sale to Shell for USD$1.71 billion.
  • BP and Mobil Oil Manufacturing across Europe as part of USD$5 billion merger taking them from being the worst performing division of BP at the time to the best performing division.
  • BP and Amoco Oil (working with the global top team of the Oil division) across the Atlantic as part of a USD$48 billion merger between all BP and Amoco divisions.
  • Portland Aluminium Smelter which transformed from being the industrial site in Australia with the most industrial unrest and demarcation issues to be the world benchmark on IR and corporate culture for an aluminium smelter.
  • Pasminco (owing AUD$3.2 billion to 36 different lenders) which then transformed into Zinifex (which became the fastest growing stock on the Australian stock market) and subsequent restructuring of the Lead and Zinc industries globally resulting in the formation of OZ Minerals (current market cap USD$3.44 billion) and Nyrstar (current market cap Euro16.5million). Pasminco is the largest Australian company to ever go into voluntary administration and come out intact.


Margot has mentored distinguished industry leaders Paul Anderson, MD of BHP Billiton, Les Schirato AM, MD of Cantarella Bros Group, and Greg Gailey, Chairman of Caltex and former President of the BCA, and Dr Rolf Stomberg Global MD of BP Oil.

A university medallist (the first in 40 years) in education majoring in educational psychology and economics, Margot also attained an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management. She holds AICD board certification and has taught in and written a textbook for the AICD certification course. She is an international bestselling author with six books on transformational leadership and addresses Fortune 500 Chief Executive Officers and directors, global political leaders and members of international think tanks as well as organisations which include BHP Billiton, Reserve Bank of Australia, Alcoa, NAB and Levi Strauss. The American Biographical Institute has named Margot Cairnes one of the Great Minds of the 21st Century.

David Williamson (Australia’s leading playwright) based his play Corporate Vibes on Margot’s book “Peaceful Chaos”.

She is an internationally recognised expert on navigating complex change and wicked problems derived from major disruptions including AI, Cybersecurity, Automation and Big Data. Her programs are very holistic – covering strategy, culture, leadership, large scale social and organisational change along with personal and organisational transformation. These invariably involve (but are not limited to):

  • Wicked strategy formulation and implementation
  • Purpose
  • Team based organisations
  • Happiness
  • Just in time strategy
  • Transformational leadership
  • Strategic self-awareness
  • Risk taking
  • Creativity
  • Failure celebration
  • Continuous learning – ongoing change – follow on – assessment

Keynote Titles

  • The Future of Work
  • Resilience
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leading in complex, uncertain and rapidly changing times
  • Relationships – at home and at work
  • Taming wicked problems
  • The politics of change
  • Staying sane in a changing world
  • From chaotic reaction to wise brain strategy
  • Sex in the board room
  • Corporate social responsibility


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