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Jonathan Pain Travels from Sydney, NSW

Jonathan Pain


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Jonathan Pain has over 30 years of international investment experience including Chief Investment Strategist of HFA Asset Management, Chief Investment Officer of Rothschild Australia Asset Management, Head of Investments at Gulf International Bank in Bahrain, Chair of the International Asset Allocation Committee at Paribas Asset Management in London and now runs his own consulting company in Australia.

Jonathan is the author and publisher of a widely read investment newsletter, The Pain Report - providing an independent global perspective of the financial markets and the world economy. He is well known for his contrarian views, is a regular speaker at investment conferences and seminars and has been rated the best presenter at numerous events, these include: The Financial Planning Association (FPA), Institute of Chartered Accountants, THE Investment Conference (Portfolio Construction Forum), The Australian Investors Association (AIA) and hundreds of investment seminars over the years.

Jonathan takes his audience on a tour of the world, from west to east, in an attempt to identify the key themes and forces that are likely to shape and define the topography of the global economic landscape in the years ahead. The conclusion is quite uplifting and certainly not typical of a conventional economics/finance speech.

Having delivered hundreds of speeches over the last 30 years he has received a lot of feedback but for the sake of brevity here are just a few. “W

His message is a simple one - "Do not fear the rise of Asia, embrace it and engage with it. Beware the prism through which you view the world. Much of the western media emphasizes the negative and ramps up the fear factor...bad news sells newspapers! When, for example, was the last time you read a positive news story on Indonesia? I ask every audience in Australia this simple question and, as yet, not a single person has raised their hand!!"

Jonathan holds a joint honours degree in Economics and Politics from Keele University and a Masters Degree in the Economics of Finance and Investment from Exeter University. Having been born in South Africa and lived in Lesotho, Swaziland, England and Bahrain, Jonathan now calls Australia home.

Keynote Titles

  • The New Reality


I'm a property marketing consultant and attended the UDIA lunch today. I have recently returned home to Adelaide after working in Melbourne for the last 15 years. I have heard so many speakers over the years and you were by far the most knowledgeable, interesting and honest. You have certainly inspired me - so thank you!

Attendee, UDIA Conference

Why can’t all economists be as interesting and easy to listen to? ... Excellent presentation - best I ever heard ... Probably the most entertaining and professional presentation since I have been in TEC.



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