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Tony Ryan Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Tony Ryan


  • Author
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  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Education
  • Facilitator
  • Futurist
  • Master Of Ceremonies
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Tony Ryan is a futurist, a professional speaker and a writer. His presentations are provocative, informing, and full of relevant and practical ideas for the near-future of your industry. These presentations encourage attendees to see the future as an inspiring and worthwhile place, and as one that they can begin to develop today.

Tony’s sessions are based upon three key features:

- To develop long-term specific changes in work practices
- To engage the participants as much as possible in the presentation
- To be informative and entertaining

His recently developed 12 Innovation Keys (Question, Purpose, Decisions, Info, Action, Reflection, Challenge, Improvements, Predictions, Combination and Metaphor) help you make your workplace an environment that inspires greatness. He incorporates six 'conditions' for developing astonishing innovative practice:

. The inspiration factor
. The chill out zone
. Making the impossible possible
. The new normal - rapid change
. The trust factor
. Always curious

Tony has presented over 1,500 keynotes and workshops in eight countries around the world.  Tony released his new book released in 2017 titled "The Next Generation - Preparing today's kids for an extraordinary future". 

Facilitator | MC
20 years' experience in the radio and television industry as a journalist, presenter and documentary producer provided the foundations for Tony’s professional communication skills. 

He is available as a facilitator and/or Master of Ceremonies at your event. Tony has written twelve books and manuals on effective thinking and learning, and as such, has many simple strategies to create a much more effective learning experience for delegates during your conference.

Keynote Titles

  • A Picture of Health: The Wellness Revolution in Education – Supporting teachers to become fit in body, mind and spirit
  • A Future for Education: Developing an inspiring 2020s decade of practice for the most important profession on the planet
  • Going To Your Head: Generating quality thinking - the most critical future capability for students
  • The Next Generation: Preparing today’s kids for an extraordinary future


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