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Professor Ivana Milojevic Travels from Sunshine Coast, QLD

Ivana Milojevic


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Dr. Ivana Milojević is a researcher, writer, and educator with a transdisciplinary professional background spanning sociology, education, gender studies, peace and conflict studies, and futures studies. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from the University of Belgrade in 1992 and earned her PhD in education at the University of Queensland in 2003. Currently, she serves as the Director of a global think-tank, and an online platform offering futures-oriented courses.

Since the mid-1990s, Ivana has been actively engaged in delivering speeches, facilitating workshops, and conducting research for various governmental institutions, international associations, and non-governmental organizations across diverse regions, including Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Europe. She has held academic positions at several universities, including the University of the Sunshine Coast, (Adjunct Professor, 2009-2015), University of Novi Sad, Serbia (Visiting Professor, 2008-2017), and Tamkang University, Taiwan (2015). In 2016-2017, she led the foresight unit at the Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies in Brunei Darussalam. Since 2022, Ivana has served as a Senior Futures Thinking and Foresight Specialist/Consultant with the Asian Development Bank.

Dr. Milojević is a prolific author with a body of work that includes over eighty journal articles and also the author, co-author, and/or co-editor of numerous academic books, including ADB Foresight in Action: Prospective Policy Making in Asia and the Pacific, CLA 3.0: Thirty Years of Transformative Research, CLA 2.0: Transformative Research in Theory and Practice, Breathing: Violence In, Peace Out, Alternative Educational Futures: Pedagogies for an Emergent World, and a special issue of Futures on Feminism/Gender. Her contributions also encompass Neohumanist Educational Futures: Liberating the Pedagogical Intellect and Educational Futures: Dominant and Contesting Visions. She is also the creator of the fiction series Heroine’s Journey, including The Gold Maker, The Future Maker, and The Peace Maker.

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