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Paul Higgins Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Paul Higgins


  • Agriculture
  • Business Success
  • Consultant / Coaching
  • Futurist
  • Government / Politics
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Technology
  • Work Environments

Paul Higgins is an experienced Futurist and Strategist. He holds a First-Class Honours Degree in Veterinary Science, a Bachelor of Animal Science (Research) and a Masters degree in Strategic Foresight.

He is experienced in politics and agri-politics, having been President of Victorian Country Labor for five years and Chairman of the pork industry national body for a decade.

He is also an experienced commercial company director, including being a director of Auspork for 16 years. Auspork is an unlisted public company with an annual turnover of $80-100 million that markets pork, beef, chicken and lamb, including branded retail ready packs of ready-to-cook meat products. He has also served on a number of not-for-profit boards.

Paul is a graduate of the Leadership Victoria Program. He has been a guest lecturer at Victoria University on the disruptive effects of web technologies and a guest lecturer at the Swinburne Strategic Foresight Master’s Program. Paul is a venture philanthropy partner and Chairman of Social Ventures Partners Melbourne, a venture philanthropy group with 28 partners. He is also an Associate of the Melbourne University Business School and is currently a special advisor on strategy and foresight to Save the Children Australia.

Paul writes about and regularly presents on future disruptions to business models and consults to a range of organisations on how to think about and plan for the future. 

Keynote Titles

  • Key Drivers of the Future
  • Beyond Cool - Beware
  • Why the Interwebby Thingamajig WILL Change Everything
  • Always On and Available to Everyone
  • Why Forecasting is for Chimps and what to do about it
  • Dinosaurs, Foxes and Hedgehogs - The Future Media Landscape
  • The Future of Driverless Cars


We at Our Community have been running conferences of thought leadership for over 1000 people for sixteen years and the presentation by Paul Higgins was mesmerising. His command of the topic and audience was inspiring, visionary, and practical. Paul stared into the future while also being grounded in takeaways for every person in the audience. Paul Higgins is not just highly recommended, he is a must see and must experience speaker.

Our Community

The interests that your keynote address created in our co-op was remarkable. All of our members, old and young, innovative and conventional, were all engaged and interested in your talk. I am still hearing really good things from your address weeks later.

Yolla Co-operative

Paul Higgins recent presentation at Mindshop’s annual Australasian / New Zealand advisor conference entitled: ‘Bringing the future into your advisory practice’ was excellent on many fronts. Paul’s ability to simplify the complexity out of the topics he covered and his practical insights on future trends resonated very well with our attendees. Paul also managed to tailor the messages he delivered to our target audience and to the overall conference theme which ensured a strong start to our conference. Thank you again for a great presentation.



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