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Brooke Boney Travels from sydney, NSW

Brooke Boney


  • Female Speaker
  • Indigenous
  • Master Of Ceremonies
  • Media
  • Motivational
  • Panelist

Brooke Boney is a rare talent. She covers entertainment as comfortably as she reports on politics. This unique versatility offers Brooke a distinct competitive advantage over her industry peers. Her intelligence underpins her skill as a keynote speaker, MC, panellist, and orator.

When it comes to her work, Brooke masterfully balances her trademark relaxed outward glow with an inward fierceness that was borne from a childhood of disadvantage. It’s that perfectly-pitched belly-fire which has shaped her poise and readiness in high-pressure live media environments.

Being thrown in the deep end – and thriving – has been a hallmark of her extraordinary career to date. Brooke earned her big break on national youth radio station Triple J as the news presenter for Ben and Liam’s breakfast show. And it was also the platform where Nine Network management privately joined the throng of 18-24s to blind-audition Brooke for one of the most highly-sought gigs in Australian television.

Brooke’s passionate embrace of her Indigenous culture is uplifting.  She’s igniting discussion around indigenous affairs and best of all, she’s doing it under the hopeful gaze of thousands of Indigenous youths across the country, who have someone to help them imagine themselves doing it too.

Brooke’s versatility as a host and presenter extends to the corporate speaking circuit where she has received overwhelming positive feedback for her work as an MC, moderator, panellist, and keynote speaker.

Brooke’s Instagram feed projects a distinctly authentic, good human, ‘best mate’ vibe to her followers. Perhaps the most profound takeaway is that Brooke stands out because she’s so awe-inspiringly content with being Brooke Boney.

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