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Josh Norbido Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Josh Norbido


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Australian Illusionist Josh Norbido specializes in exclusive events wanting to deliver a unique experience to their guests.

As a Master Magician, Josh makes sure your guests aren’t just stunned by Magic, but they are also entertained with both quick wit and Comedy. Josh has made a career from saying YES to the impossible. Have a crazy idea for your event to make something magically “appear”? Josh will make it happen!

As a Keynote Speaker Josh shares with his audience how to become more memorable and engaging in Business. Josh uses Magic as his metaphor to explain the common threads between Magic and Business which not only engages your audience, but makes sure the message sticks. “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I’ll remember. Involve me and I’ll understand”.

Sales is helping people believe in a solution. Magic is the same. Without the ability to sell others on either your ideas or products there is no business. As a magician without the ability to sell there is no magic….

Josh explains and demonstrates live on stage the principles that allows you to engage your customer and create an atmosphere more conducive for buying.

“Engage me and you can make me convince myself"
- Business is a Performance Art
- Buying Takes Place in The Silence
- Power Questions
- Creating Magic Moments in Business

Keynote Titles

  • The Magic of Sales


You are not from this planet.

Google Sydney

You provided amazing entertainment and your card is still stuck to the roof! Ha

Tracey Grimshaw


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