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From the age of 8, Phil Schibeci knew he wanted to be a public speaker. Using the principles he teaches Phil has become a sought after speaker and workshop facilitator.

During the last 21 years Phil has empowered organisations and individuals, both personally and professionally, to achieve peak performance in public speaking, communication and leadership.

Over the years he has participated and studied extensively in world-class leadership programmes. Phil is a talented, funny speaker and dynamic facilitator. In his presentations and training workshops he uses lots of spontaneity, role plays, humour, tricks, games and practical hands on learning exercises as well as feedback and positive reinforcement.

Phil loves working with groups of people and one to one clients to help them become the best leader they can be. Participants and clients come away with life changing skills that enable them to be more effective leaders in their personal and professional lives. He possesses a formidable arsenal of powerful methods that he customises for each person and group he works with.

Phil regularly competes in international public speaking competitions and has studied stand-up comedy. He has a Diploma of Management, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, Certificates in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and Effective Communication.

Phil is also the author of How to Get Out of The RUT Race. Through his shrewd observations of the problems many people face in pursuing their goals, Phil’s book inspires you to take control of your life and your business, reconnect with your passion and achieve all your professional and personal goals.

Communication Skills Training

Many workplaces have difficulty dealing with internal gossip, personality clashes and conflict, as well as challenging clients and customers. Create the workplace you want through the power of Communication.

•Is your team not functioning to its greatest potential?
•Do you find it a challenge to give your staff effective feedback?
•Are misunderstandings and confusion costing your organisation time and money?

Learn how to tell people they are doing something you don't like, in a way that doesn't upset them!

Most people think effective communication is only about talking. The real power in communication and getting the results you want comes from your ability to assertively speak and assertively listen. Without these tools in your toolbox of communication skills your organisation will struggle to meet its goals and objectives.

Phil's powerful communication programme will provide those tools. He will help you and your staff grow and develop as powerful communicators so you can resolve your own conflicts and create a more productive and enjoyable workplace.

Presentation Training

Phil will teach you and your staff to do presentations that the audience will want to hear and remember. You will learn to listen to others with empathy and communicate clearly and concisely. Learn how to lead teams that are motivated by reward rather than threat so that members of the team will share more, feel more engaged and think and perform better.

Leadership Workshops

Would you like to improve your leadership skills or those of your team leaders and managers? This programme provides individuals with the skills, knowledge and confidence to improve their leadership in any professional team environment.

People are the most determining factor of how successful your organisation will be. This programme will improve the productivity of your business by making your leaders better presenters, communicators and better equipped to resolve issues.

Recent research revealed that 42% of staff experience was that their manager or team leader gave no support, was not interested in their team, did not listen and did not understand the issues their team members face.

This leadership skills training, coaching and mentoring programme will change that.

This isn't the theory of leadership. These are real life skills that staff can implement immediately! By the end of this programme your team leaders will have the following skills, attributes and abilities:

  1. Characteristics of a highly effective leader.
  2. Being a leader people want to follow.
  3. Leading a team towards shared, common goals and objectives.
  4. How to motivate a team.
  5. Delegation that’s a win/win.
  6. Powerful Presentation and Facilitation skills.
  7. Effective and efficient Communication skills.
  8. Feedback and coaching skills to enhance team performance.
  9. How to lead a team in conflict through to a successful resolution.
  10. How to create an inspirational team.


Phil Schibeci has conducted memorable and inspiring presentations on motivation and goal achievement. His exercises and self effacing humour have made a most positive impression! Phil has a great energy and ability to hold the audience’s attention.

Mind-Body Solutions

Public speaking can fill a lot of people with fear and panic - so why do you want to do a workshop on it? Because Phil has a great ability to push people beyond their boundaries in a controlled yet relaxed and friendly way to really help you develop; develop your self confidence, your perception and self belief. Highly recommended.


I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to improve their communication, especially in the work environment or family/relationship. The course gives you the tools to communicate at a higher level and teaches you conflict resolution. It gives you the ability to listen and as a result achieve amazing outcomes. Phil's interactive style allows the group to work to a deeper level creating a unique bond amongst the group. Great outcomes flow from that, as we all experienced.

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