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Yamini Naidu Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Yamini Naidu


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Yamini Naidu, CSP is rated among the top 3 business storytellers globally and is the world’s only economist turned business storyteller. Award winning speaker and best-selling author, she works with leaders helping them shift from spreadsheets to stories. Her clients include Google, Adidas, Ford Motor Company, Goldman Sachs, Accenture & Tiffany & Co.

Yamini recently received a Global Leadership Development Award. This award recognises the results she has had, the impact of her work with clients and her thought leadership in business storytelling.

In 2005 she co-founded Australia’s first storytelling company and is a pioneer of the field.

Get ready to learn!

Yamini will inform and educate with her unique messages presented in ways that immediately resonate and connect with your audience.

Get ready to have fun!

Yamini entertains with humour, stage presence and storytelling. She is compelling on stage and online and her presentations are hands on and interactive. She teaches her content through BOLLYWOOD DANCING!

Get ready to be inspired!

Yamini inspires, is compelling and role models her message. She has her audiences laughing, learning and wanting more. Yes, even online.

Yamini is an economist by training, and a post graduate (and scholarship winner) from the London School of Economics.

Yamini is the author of several books including business best seller Hooked: How leaders connect, engage and inspire using storytelling. Her latest book Story Mastery has just been released globally.


Yamini delivered the most engaging and eloquent presentation on ‘Business Storytelling’ at our One Day, New Ways conference last week. Yamini is the consummate professional. She tells a story like no other. You will find yourself inspired to step out of your old patterns and share your authentic story. If you or your business need help with ‘Business Storytelling’, then talk to Yamini. If you are looking for an amazing Keynote speaker who role models all that they espouse, then engage Yamini.

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