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Lisa Phillips Travels from Sydney, NSW

Lisa Phillips


  • Communication
  • Goal Setting
  • Inspirational
  • Leadership
  • Motivational
  • Personal Development
  • Presentation Skills
  • Relationships
  • Resilience
  • Self Esteem / Bullying

With over 22 years’ experience, Lisa Phillips is one of Sydney’s most inspiring and leading empowerment experts. She is the founder of an organisation which promotes confidence and empowerment around the world.

Lisa's work has been featured regularly in the media and she is the current Confidence expert on The Love Destination TV.  Lisa has been awarded several awards for her work including 'Coach or Mentor of the Year’ and a Stevie award for her work assisting people with confidence. She is also a cruise ship speaker for Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean.

Lisa has an engaging warm personality which, along with her knowledge and unique style, builds rapport and trust easily. Her leading-edge techniques and warmth makes her stand out from other professionals in the industry.

Through the launch her new book “The Confidence Coach” in 2015 she is helping even more people navigate life confidently.

Lisa talks on a range of topics including confidence, self-esteem, stress, self-care, resilience, worrying.

Keynote Titles

  • Empowered Communication
  • How to be your own best friend
  • Managing Conflict
  • Manage Stress before it Manages You
  • How to be an Empowered Employee
  • Ditching the Disease to Please
  • Leading Change through Empowerment
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Communication and Assertiveness Skills
  • Building Confidence from the Inside Out
  • How to Find your Career Purpose
  • How to have a Confident Career
  • How to become a Confident Presenter
  • Self-Esteem for Women


Lisa Phillips is an amazing, vibrant and engaging guest speaker, who was recently commissioned to speak at our annual employee “Health & Wellness Expo”. As our company has used Lisa in the past for our management workshops, Lisa has proven that she can truly capture her audience and speak at ‘their level’; something truly unique to her. Lisa presented to our employees a workshop on resilience, engaging them through activities with a certain panache coupled with her witty sense of humour. Lisa cannot come more highly recommended from our company.


Lisa was guest speaker for our company twice this year. The audience were senior nurses and very important to our business. I was incredibly impresses with Lisa’s ability to judge a group and adapt perfectly. The feedback was brilliant and has opened the door to us building long relationships with the those attending. The content was spot on and I feel sure it will have helped the nurses who have had a really stressful year. I’m hoping that we work together again next year and would recommend her as an inspiring speaker to any company.

Trio Health Care

Lisa is one of the most charismatic and engaging speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with and listening to. Lisa worked with me and my Management team closely in the development and delivery of various projects, primarily around the space of workplace wellbeing. Lisa provided a number of expert recommendations during the project development stage and was our keynote speaker during our Team Events. She developed a close relationship with our key stakeholders, including frontline team members in her pursuit of ensuring all team were consulted with and felt heard. Lisa's advice was always sound during other workplace coaching projects she also assisted our business with. I would highly recommend Lisa for a multitude of workplace consultancy topics due to the breadth and depth of her expertise and knowledge including training, wellbeing, career coaching and strategic planning.

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