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Natasha Zuvela Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Natasha Zuvela


  • Female Speaker
  • Master Of Ceremonies
  • Media
  • Personal Development
  • Presentation Skills
  • Resilience
  • Self Esteem / Bullying

Natasha Zuvela is a vivacious speaker, author, life coach and TV presenter.
She has worked extensively with crocodiles and snakes at Steve Irwin’s world famous Australia Zoo. She is also a venomous snake catcher, two times Australian Teams Aerobics Champion and has presented live at over 2000 events to more than 3.4 million people

Natasha has 15 years of experience presenting professionally to camera both nationally and internationally, and is a regular MC for fashion shows, gala dinners and events.

She has regularly presented on MTV, Channel 7, Channel 9, and Channel 10 for TV shows such as Good Morning Australia, Mornings with Kerri-Anne and Mornings on 7. She is the current international face of Curves Women’s Fitness. 

Watching Natasha present with power and presence makes it hard to believe that she was once shy and afraid of speaking in front of an audienceNatasha is an expert on conquering fear and now helps people shine from the inside out. She has overcome so many of life’s fears, from as unique as a phobia of snakes, to as common as those fears that so many of us face daily like, a low self-confidence, low self-esteem and even depression.

Natasha’s speciality is delivering inspiring keynotes and presentations on how people can conquer their fears in business and in their personal lives, so they can more easily achieve their dreams. Natasha’s Life Coaching qualifications and honest sharing of her real life experiences provides audiences with refreshing dose of humour, reminding us to enjoy the journey along the way.

Natasha is walking proof that you can conquer any fear that is holding you back. Her book "The Crocodile Effect " gives a first hand account the amazing journey she has travelled in overcoming these fears and even bigger life challenges.  

Natasha also runs workshops on presentation skills, confidence on camera and monetising your message.


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