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Vinh Giang Travels from Adelaide, SA

Vinh Giang


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Vinh Giang unlocks the secrets of the human mind to help audiences reach a heightened state of imagination and innovation where the impossible becomes possible.

From his humble origins as the son of a refugee family from Vietnam, to co-founder of the innovative online platform Encyclopedia of Magic, Vinh has emerged as one of the world’s leading magicians, entrepreneurs and communication trainers. In 2013, he was named South Australian Entrepreneur of the Year for creating a successful online business that teaches the art of magic to thousands around the world.

Drawing parallels between the world of business and magic, Vinh relays profound messages about the power of positive thinking and a belief that anything is possible, as well as the key principles of success and showmanship (communication skills) that enabled him to become a top performer and entrepreneur. He energizes audiences with astonishing insights into human psychology, business and the art of magic, as well as inspiring stories from his personal and professional journey that help others discover new possibilities and reach their full potential in business and life.

Vinh spends the majority of his time teaching communication and presentation skills to professionals. He is one of the lead communication trainers for all new hires in Microsoft and many other Fortune 500 companies.

Keynote Titles

  • VIRTUAL TOPIC: Master the Leaders Instrument
  • The Psychology of Illusion
  • The Leaders Instrument - Amplify the Best Parts of You


Vinh is the ONLY speaker I've ever booked more than once in my 20 years of association management. First, Hong Kong for 600 people. Then, Los Angeles for a crowd of 3,000. TWO standing ovations. Our local chapter in Australia also booked him as well. Three continents later our membership is still in awe of him, his message - and his performance. Throw in a dash of illusion, a pinch of good humor and a sprinkle of magic and you have the perfect recipe for your next conference. Not only do I highly recommend him, I want to be him!

CoreNet Global

Vinh Giang was just amazing, so easy to talk to and fabulous at performing... but performing with purpose, it wasn't just about 'magic tricks', he really connected with our audience and used his tricks to deliver solid messages.

South Australia Government

... your mix of magic and business experience along with your immense skill in telling a story and encouraging people to believe in themselves and their ability was exactly what was needed at this year's conference, particularly as our theme was Together we are Bigger. As a corporate entity with 310 community partners, it's easy to fall into an us (Bendigo Bank the corporate entity) versus them (individual communities) mentality. And vice versa. Your presentation reinforced that yes, we're all in this together. Individually we can achieve great things but together, we can achieve even greater things. Thank you for your messages, your magic, your professionalism, your enthusiasm and your humour.

Community Banking, Bendigo Bank



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