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Michael Hann Travels from Sydney, NSW

Michael Hann


  • Brain / Neuro Science
  • Communication
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Learning
  • Master Of Ceremonies
  • Performance
  • Presentation Skills
  • Training

Business engagement expert Michael Hann challenges the way we're educating professionals. He champions a rethink of our corporate communication systems, to cultivate connection, purpose and creativity.

For the past decade, Michael has conducted engagement workshops for hundreds of professionals globally and coached business leaders to communicate with impact.

He believes in delivering new information in a way that is compatible with the natural functions of the brain. His knowledge on how the brain receives, processes, stores and recalls information forms the basis for his approach to corporate training, presenting and conference direction.

Michael’s highly regarded engagement workshops specialise in effectively structuring and presenting content in any business situation; from team meetings, training sessions and workshops, to product launches and conference presentations.

His method leverages environmental, psychological and physiological factors to accelerate learning and create highly memorable business communications that achieve the presenter’s objectives. He moves away from traditional point and click presenting, barring the notion that for corporate audiences, presentations are tests of endurance.

He proposes that content is the beating heart of a conference and the reason people should attend. When working with business leaders and leadership teams, Michael coaches individuals to create productive and memorable presentations and ensures the overall management of content is considered and strategic, placing the same importance on the content as other production elements.

Michael studied education at Macquarie University and began his wide-ranging career as a high school teacher. Spending time in a classroom in Sydney’s inner city developing learning tools and assessing learning systems ignited a passion for the act of learning itself. Michael was coached by the US by master trainer Dr Rich Allen in 2004, and in 2012, the pair co-authored e-book Humane Presentations.


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