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Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Irena Yashin-Shaw


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Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw is an educator, author, academic, international speaker and entrepreneur, a leading authority on creativity, intrapreneurialism and leadership. The unifying driving force underpinning her work is the liberation of human potential that too often languishes within businesses and organisations of all sizes.

She has a PhD in the development of expertise in creative problem-solving. That, combined with a Masters in Adult Education drives her mission to empower people to use their creativity and intrapreneurial talent to solve complex problems.

She is highly skilled in demystifying and facilitating creativity and creative outcomes so that people become confident in using simple but powerful tools to augment their creative problem-solving abilities. These tools have been developed from her doctoral research into the development of expertise in creative problem-solving and as such are unique and unavailable anywhere else. She has shared her thought leadership with thousands of people around the globe.

Her current roles include Visiting Global Professor at The Ohio State University; postgraduate lecturer in Corporate Entrepreneurship and Change at Griffith University; lecturer in Agile Leadership TIBAI; Founder and Board Chairman of the Global Intrapreneurs Institute; Editor–in-Chief of Intrapreneur Magazine, Advisory Board Member for Business Strategy and Innovation at Griffith University and regularly speaks about intrapreneurialism, creativity and innovative leadership in various corporate contexts as well as graduate and undergraduate programs in Australia and internationally.

With numerous publications to her name, her most recent books are INTRAPRENEUR: How leaders ignite innovation, break bureaucracy and catalyse change and Leading in the Innovation Age: Unleash knowledge, talent and experience to create an innovative workplace. They both draw on her vast experience of working with people in many different environments who are tasked with leading change and innovation in our current disrupted times.

Keynote Titles

  • Leading in the Innovation Age: Unleash knowledge, talent and experience to create an innovative workplace
  • From Wow to Kapow!: How to turbocharge your creative thinking for brilliant outcomes
  • The Innovative Leaders Mentoring
  • Solution Centred Teams: Key to the productive workplace
  • Creative Problem-solving Preferences Tool
  • Thinking beyond Boundaries
  • Human Helium: How intrapreneurs help organisations to soar
  • Intrapreneurial YOU!
  • Creating Intrapreneurs


Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw is one of the best in this space. She succinctly captures innovation and makes it “real” to public sector leaders. From small “improvement” ideas to big ticket items, Dr Yashin-Shaw takes participants through a range of tools, methodologies and concepts which are readily transferrable into the workplace. Her style allows for cross-pollination of ideas and experiences which are shared in a constructive and honest manner.


Irena’s Solution-Centred Teams program has provided increased knowledge for our team, built their skill and also their confidence to challenge their perceptions and change their behaviour. She has an ability to relate to and engage with everyone in the group. I am already seeing great results in altered thinking, and application of the learnings. Thank you Irena for your contribution in helping our leadership team master collaboration for dynamic business outcomes.

Hy-Performance Fluid Power Pty Ltd.

I’d highly recommend The Creating Intrapreneurs workshop. The content was interesting, challenging, and very relevant to my work in an Innovation Unit. Anyone wanting to add additional value within their workplace and ‘stand out from the crowd’ should attend.



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