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Natasha Pincus Travels from Sydney, NSW

Natasha Pincus


  • Author
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Female Speaker
  • High Energy
  • Inspirational
  • Performance
  • Personal Development

Natasha is a leading Australian creative. An internationally renowned storyteller, Natasha’s work has been embraced by millions. Her music video for Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know has been viewed by over half a billion people around the world. A multi award-winning film director and writer, Natasha is also a qualified and experienced lawyer and scientist.

As a speaker she is changing minds one at a time with her ideas on performance, innovation and engagement.  I am not a Genius and So Are You is the title of Natasha’s latest manifesto.

Natasha believes:

  • There is no objective standard for ‘genius’
  • Genius is not a birthright
  • Genius is not a gift made by the gods
  • Genius is a label. And it’s one you can give yourself
  • Our previous understanding of ‘genius’ is now obsolete. It’s time to redefine it
  • As a genius you will become the best version of yourself
  • In our world, anyone can be a genius

Natasha is available now for speaking engagements, whether it’s her latest talk, or a presentation tailored for your event.  

I work with talented, creative people on a daily basis. Never have I met Natasha's equal. Within seconds she'll have you so wrapped up in her words you'll never want to escape." - Kris Growcott, Creative Director, Olson Advertising

Keynote Titles

  • I am not a Genius and so are you
  • The path to a Gotye video we all know


Fabulous presentation and it felt like every person in the room was just with you – no distraction or fidgeting! Powerful, energetic and pacey. Super thinking and connected presentation on genius. Truly Genius!

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