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Peter Sheahan Travels from Los Angeles, USA

Peter Sheahan


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Peter Sheahan has spent a decade teaching business how to flip their thinking and find opportunity where others cannot. He believes that the real money gets made in the cracks, and that the opportunity for mind-blowing success is all around us. The problem is we get conditioned by our experience, blinded by our business models and conned by the popular media to believe success is a product of the economic conditions.

Peter’s success is driven by his ability to identify areas of untapped potential within organisations, develop the unique thought processes needed to profit from them, and then catalyse the key individuals to take the risks required to make it a reality. Clients consistently remark on the depth of his insight, the global nature of his business perspective and the comprehensive research he does into their industry, their organisation, its model and the current threats and opportunities they face.

Peter’s clients include Newscorp, Google, Hilton Hotels, GlaxoSmithKline, Harley Davidson, Cisco and Goldman Sachs. Many of which engage him on an ongoing basis to provoke their leaders to re-think their assumptions and challenge them to find innovative ways of doing business. He has been described by one of his clients as the “guy to call when you want your answers questioned”.

Peter’s fifth book Fl!p, an international best-seller available in 25 countries, emphasizes the need for leaders to have mindset flexibility. It explores the changing nature of leadership; evolving business models; and unpacks dozens of strategies for finding opportunity and making money in tough economic times.

Peter walks his talks, and can speak from personal experience. A former General Manager of a $10 million hotel business, Peter has established himself as highly successful entrepreneur. In addition to his world renowned thought leadership practice, Peter is also the CEO of a Centre that specializes in large scale social change projects and now runs the largest face-to-face financial literacy program for teenagers in the world. In partnership with Apple, they have developed, and continue to run, the ground breaking Beyond Chalk program, working with educators to create 21st Century learning environments.

They have also taken on IBM as a client and are running development programs in large corporations and Government departments teaching staff how to use technology to foster collaboration and drive productivity in their organisations.

In January 2010 Peter released his sixth book, Make it Happen, designed to guide individuals through the 5 key strategies required to turn good ideas into great results. Or better said, turn opportunity into profit.

Peter’s outstanding achievements were first officially recognized in 2003 when Peter had the honour of being named Young Entrepreneur of the Year in his home state. He is best known though for his skills as a presenter and his ability to customise his expertise to meet the needs of the audience. He has delivered more than 2000 presentations to over 300,000 people in 15 different countries.

Seen as a global thought leader, Peter's insights into business trends and the changing needs of customers and staff make him a regular presenter on Fox Business as well as appearing on ABC and the BBC. Peter is a unique and inspiring thought leader whose ideas and experiences are changing the face of the business world.

Keynote Titles

  • Make it Happen
  • Minds Unleashed - Interactive experiences which draw the ideas out of your own people
  • Next Gen Profits - attract, engage and profit from the next generation of customers and talent
  • Flip! - Future proof your operation
  • Building an Awesome Employer Brand


For the last few years, News Corporation America has been engaging Peter Sheahan to transform the way its leaders think about their business, and the talent within it. From the creatives in the editing rooms of LA, to the Chairman himself in New York, Peter has had a profound impact on this company. There is no shortage of people who can entertain an audience. There is also no shortage of academics, conducting insightful research. It is very rare, however, to find someone who is engaging on the platform and whose work is clearly based on ground-breaking research and genuine insight into what makes a business and its leaders successful in today's uncertain market place. Peter Sheahan is one of those people. Arguably the world leading expert in generational change, I have no hesitation recommending Peter to any organisation looking to drive innovation deeper in their company, and wanting to inspire their leaders to think differently and take the necessary risk to future-proof their business.

News Corporation

Thank you for your thought provoking presentation at Google's HQ in Mountain View. A number of Google staffers reached out to say how much they enjoyed your thought/discussion provoking presentation. You gave us great insight into the minds of literally hundreds of potential Googlers. For us to better understand how to motivate and develop that talent will certainly be key to our continued success.


Peter has done incredible work with our firm. He is not only able to energize legal partners but even facilitate agreement between them on issues like firm values. More importantly when they got back to the office they did something about it. Peter's sessions create results! The quality of his work is second to none.

Russell McVeagh


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