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Pearly Shells Travels from Melbourne, VIC

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Over more than 10 years, The Pearly Shells have gained a reputation as Melbourne's premier Jazz/Swing band with a classic style and look reminiscent of the Golden Age of Ellington, Basie and Goodman.

Famous for their Swingin’ back beat sound and Hollywood style, luminescent clam-shell stands, The Pearly Shells have been providing atmospheric sound tracks and irresistible dance grooves for parties, receptions and other "do's" uncountable. With their enormous repertoire and variety of band sizes, The Pearly Shells pride themselves on striking the right tone for any musical situation.

The flagship line-up is The Pearly Shells Swing Orchestra, the ten Piece "Little big band" comprising 3 saxes, 2 trumpets, trombone, piano, double bass, guitar and drums and often joined by one of the cream of Melbourne's jazz singing fraternity.

Playing their own arrangements of the Big Band classics and Pearly Shell originals, the band is famous with dancers for its ability to leave the written music behind "Riffout" when things are really swinging!

The Pearly Shells Swing Orchestra features a stellar line up of Melbourne Jazz players from across the generations, including in the horn section Adam Simmons, baritone; Dean Hilson, tenor sax; Bruce Sandell Tenor/alto Vinnie Bourke and Amon McNelis trumpets; Shannon Barnett trombone; Dai Jones guitar; Dave Allardice, piano; Rory McDougal drums and Steve Purcell double bass and vocals.

The Pearly Shells can also be found playing 'round town in a variety of small band combos gleaned from the Big Band including a trio, 4, 5, 7, 8 or 10 piece.


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